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What is Risk Blossoming?

The Risk Blossoming light flashed with Anais Nin's inspirational quote:

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Anais Nin

Today, Risk Blossoming has become a way of life for us. We both experienced success in our respective corporate careers, but then came the time to step aside and make way for new, inspired talent. The next chapter in our lives was upon us.

While we had financially planned for that day, we had not charted how we would live or what we would do now that we no longer had daily work responsibilities.

We could "remain tight in the bud," staying where we were, keeping quiet, doing the daily stuff and following along our well-established life.

Or we could step out of our comfort zone and "Risk Blossoming": move on, speak out, change and fulfill dreams and desires.

Together, we committed to Risk Blossoming and living the life we had dreamed. And today, each day is filled with opportunities to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and GROW.

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Our Story

Our Story

Tim loves to start our story with the first time he saw Deborah, way back in 1979. He claims that, at that moment, his carefree bachelor days were instantly over. Deborah did not see or notice Tim during that quick glance he got of her, but through a mutual friend, Tim arranged a scenario where we would come face to face a few days later. His best comedy routine had her laughing and smiling at him. The proposal came quickly, and our only child, a daughter, was born less than a year later.

We were married for 24 years, each thinking career and financial security were the road to a happy ending. We were both successful in our respective careers and our bank accounts grew. But the happy ending turned out to be a divorce. There were no hard feelings, just different careers going in different directions. Deborah pursued hers in New York, and Tim escalated his success in Phoenix.

A couple of years passed and we were, in essence, “Parent Trapped” back together when our daughter insisted that both parents should be together with her through a minor medical crisis. During our time apart, we both had gotten to know ourselves better, embraced our personal values and adjusted our lifetime goals.

We both realized there was more to life than a successful career. Reunited, we shared new dreams of life with similar outcomes, and most of all, we discovered that we still truly loved each other. With our second marriage, fun blossomed and time flew. As our careers began to wind down, we found ourselves with more and more time to be together. On a long and reflective trip from Minnesota to Phoenix, we were awed and inspired by driving Colorado's beautiful roads and absorbing the majestic fall colors of mountainsides full of exploding Aspen groves. Spontaneously, the same idea flashed in both our minds: “Let's get a motorhome, a big-ass motorhome” (BAM).

A couple of months later, we took possession of BAM and planned out our first big RV adventure. That trip, referred to as the Risk Blossoming 2017 World Tour, lasted an absurdly happy 144 days. And once again, our lives were changed.

Together, through a summer of living and traveling in a 400-square-foot space, we envisioned the life we now wanted to live. Returning to Phoenix, we purged a lifetime of belongings, sold our homes and downsized into a small condo. This new setup enabled us to split time between the city and community we love and a life on the road exploring in BAM.

Today, we are living the authentic life we envisioned and have created. Our high-rise condo has a beautiful view of the city skyline, something we had always wanted. And with very little planning, we have the ability to lock, leave and head out in BAM. Our life has blossomed, and we feel constantly empowered to Explore. Discover. Grow.

Tim loves to chart routes that leave ample room to explore, drive BAM, photograph and share stories from the road. While he's always up to take a risk and experience an adventure, he is past bungee jumping, cliff climbing or thrill photography. He is attracted to color, landscapes and unusual images, and loves to make people laugh as he shares his unique perspective on the road.

Deborah shares Tim's passion for travel and adventure. But she is fueled with a passion to provide value to others and enable us to recognize our gifts, be our authentic selves and create the life that we desire through coaching, speaking, writing and her International Wisdom Quests. And she still loves to be entertained by Tim and laugh at and with him.

We hope that you will join us on our Risk Blossoming life adventures as we continue to step out of our comfort zone, leverage our quality time, and set to make every minute count. New buds will develop and continued risks should have us blossoming.