Risk Blossoming Photo Blog 2019: Washington, Oregon, & Idaho


While assembling some of our favorite photos from our August Risk Blossoming adventures for this third in a photo blog series, we noticed that our pace began to slow as we cultivated play and rest. Even with a more laidback schedule, we still found ourselves successfully chasing cool weather in three states: Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. With much of the country experiencing record-high temperatures, we never experienced an August day warmer than the mid 70s.

Long Beach, Washington

We started August with a week at Long Beach, Washington. It is aptly named, as it is the longest continuous beach in the world. There was just a strip of grass-covered dunes between where we parked in BAM and the long, flat beach that stretched from horizon to horizon. The sand on the beach was firm and enabled cars to drive its 24-mile length.

Our path to Long Beach

Our path to Long Beach


photo blog Long Beach tracks

Tire tracks on the world’s longest beach, Long Beach, WA


Long Beach path marker

The way home, our beach path marker, on Long Beach, WA


photo blog crabfest

The daily seagull crabfest as the tide goes out, Long Beach, WA

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Astoria, Oregon

Tim and Deborah at Astoria-Megler Bridge

The Astoria-Megler Bridge

This year, our annual August Oregon Coast family vacation was held in Astoria. It was the first time that I drove BAM across the Astoria-Megler Bridge.

The meeting of the mighty Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean is a battle between the forces of each. Manmade engineering with levies and jetties have attempted to help the two co-mingle.

It was cool and never got out of the 60s, requiring us to forego beachwear, but it was perfect for a round of golf at Gearhart Golf Club, the oldest 18-hole club west of the Mississippi.


photo blog levy

A levy between Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean


photo blog of al fresco game

A al fresco family game of “3-13”


photo blog of grandson on Seaside Beach

Grandson Colton on the Seaside Beach


photo blog clubhouse

The clubhouse at Gearhart Golf Club


Photo Blog of the Oregon Coast

From Astoria, we went about halfway down the Oregon coast with stays at Lincoln City and Newport. Eventually, we made it as far south as Yachats to visit Thor’s Well and the Spouting Horn. Daily walks on the beaches exposed tide pools teaming with life.

photo blog Oregon coast

The Oregon coast near Yachats, OR



photo blog Thor's Well

Thor’s Well, Oregon

photo blog Oregon coastline

On a walk along the Oregon coastline


NewPort, Oregon

The Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort at Newport is one of our annual favorites. From a bluff above the Pacific, we can stare at the ever-changing light on the Yaquina lighthouse or take the path to the beach below. There was a constant parade of whales, visible and very near the shore.

photo blog motorcoach resort

BAM at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort


photo blog Yaquina Bay Bridge

Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, OR

photo blog Newport beach

On the path to the beach at Newport, OR


whale sighting photo blog

Frequent whale sighting along the Newport coastline


lighthouse sunset photo blog

A Newport sunset at the Yaquina lighthouse

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Sandpoint, Idaho

We took a quick trip inland to Sandpoint, Idaho and stayed on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille at the Dover Bay Resort. We took this break from the coast to enable Deborah to facilitate an offsite strategic-planning session while I boated around the lake for two days. Lake Pend Oreille is a much larger lake than its better-known little sister at Coeur d’Alene.

photo blog Lake Pend Oreille

Life on Lake Pend Oreille, ID

photo blog of Captain Tim

Captain Tim on Lake Pend Oreille, ID

photo blog Sandpoint, ID

Tim and Deborah enjoying Sandpoint, ID


Port Townsend, Washington

After our time in Sandpoint, Idaho, we returned to the coast at Port Townsend, Washington. We parked BAM at the Port Hudson Marina and RV Park, where we overlooked the Pugent Sound as it flows into the Strait of Juan De Fuca on its way to the Pacific Ocean. Each evening, we would watch as the large cruise ships sailed by on their voyage to Alaska. It is a historic old port town with many Victorian houses and buildings. Wonderful shops and boutiques on Port Townsend’s Main Street made shopping a fun pastime. At the Pygmy kayaks, you could buy one of a number of Pygmy boat kits and build your own wooden kayak with about 90 hours of your labor.

Pugent Sound photo blog

On the Pugent Sound, Port Townsend, WA

Port Ludlow, Washington

Finally, we dropped south a few miles to Port Ludlow, where we met up with our daughters, grandsons, and Papa Steve at Grandpa Frank’s house. Day trips were taken on the Townsend Ferry to Fort Casey on Whidbey Island and by car to the Olympic Game Farm at Sequim.

Port Ludlow photo blog

The view from Grandpa Frank’s house, Port Ludlow, WA


Olympic game farm

The Olympic game farm, Sequim, WA


Risk Blossoming Adventure 2019

During one of our last nights of the summer, we sat on a bench overlooking the Pugent Sound and reflected on our travels. What a magical trip it has been. We bought BAM three years ago to travel. We created Risk Blossoming to share that travel and photo blog with the intention of inspiring others to dream it, plan it, and experience it. Little did we know, at that time, that the greatest benefit would be how much our love for each other would grow. Our careers had taken us in different directions. The small space inside BAM, coupled with the teamwork it takes to work, travel, and function together, has truly create a personal growth experience.

shadows on blog

Risk Blossoming 2019


Tim and Deborah on the Oregon coast

Tim and Deborah on the Oregon coast

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