Risk Blossoming Photo Blog 2019: Canada & The Calgary Stampede


In this recap photo blog, we revisit the part of our trip that took us through Canada. We entered Canada on July 1st. Unbeknownst to us, it was Canada Day. Appropriately, Deborah was dressed in red and white, and I headed to my first Tim Hortons. Deborah had spent a month in Canada during the late ’60s; however, it was my first extended stay. The daily run to Tim Hortons provided coffee, muffins, and internet, all of which were often needed.

Our journey through Canada had us entering just east of Vancouver. We then circled up to Revelstoke, around to Lake Louise and Calgary, and then down through Fairmont Hot Springs and Cranbrook on our way back to the US. The highlight of July and our Risk Blossoming adventure this summer was the Calgary Stampede. The unexpected surprises were the great, reasonably priced golf courses at every stop.

Oh Canada!

Arriving on Canada Day, Eagle Wind RV Park invited us to celebrate with them and provided Canadian-themed desserts. Then, five days of continuous rain followed us well into our stay at Revelstoke.


photo blog of Eagle Wind RV Resort

Our first rainy day at Eagle Wind RV Resort, Aldergrove, British Columbia, CA



photo blog of Mount Mackenzie

Mount Mackenzie in Revelstoke, British Columbia, CA

The can-do, help-your-neighbor attitude of Revelstoke was refreshing. Mt. Revelstoke National Park was majestic—and I had never heard of it prior to our visit! Our stay at Lamplighter Campground was one of the best of the summer. It was far from the best facility, but its authentic and hospitable environment left us happy and relaxed. The rain miraculously cleared the day we drove to the Meadows-in-the-Sky Parkway at Revelstoke National Park. We practically had the place to ourselves. What a wonderful experience, as our photo blog shares.

photo blog lookout point

Lookout point at the Meadows-in-the-Sky Parkway


photo blog at Revelstoke National Park

Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia, CA


I did not know that Canada had its own Glacier National Park. Its summit is the completion point of the Canadian National Railroad. It is a wonderful day trip from Revelstoke with many easy hiking opportunities, provided the bears aren’t active.

photo blog of Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, British Columbia, CA

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Banff and Lake Louise

Lake Louise never disappoints, unless the constantly increasing crowds bother you. The lake itself does provide a natural barrier—so everybody can go the the water’s edge and get a photo blog that looks like no one else is there. Block the canoes with your bodies or heads and it can really look serene and remote.

photo blog of Lake Louise

Tim and Deborah at Lake Louise, Alberta, CA


photo blog of Lake Louise crowds

Lake Louise draws large crowds to view its amazing beauty.

From Lake Louise, within Banff National Park, we proceeded north to Jasper National Park. The drive is breathtaking, with glaciers flowing from every peak. We went as far as the Columbia Icefields, where you could walk or ride on the Athabasca Glacier. On our return, we stopped at Peyto Lake. The view in the photo blog (below) is from above the lake and equally as dramatic as Lake Louise.

photo blog of Mt. Athabasca

Mt. Athabasca, Alberta, CA


photo blog of Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake, Alberta, CA

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Calgary Stampede

We started planning for the Calgary Stampede in November of 2018. By February, all our tickets had been purchased. The stampede totally lived up to its self-proclaimed billing of “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”

Our daughters flew to Calgary to join us, and we partied like it was 1999! The chuckwagon races at the Rangeland Derby and Grandstand Show enthralled us. The rodeo, one of the best in the world, captivated us. The concert series, enjoying Zac Brown one night and then Jennifer Nettles and Sugarland the next evening, totally rocked us. And our pub crawl, initiated by our daughters, introduced us to a new way to move across town. Today, two months later, we can still feel the joy and excitement of those three fun-packed days at the Calgary Stampede.

photo blog of the Calgary Stampede

Welcome to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede


photo blog of chuckwagon races

The chuckwagon races



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Fairmont Hot Springs

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort was the perfect place to wind down after Calgary. We were surprised to learn that the Columbia River starts just south of town. From our RV spot, we marveled at rainbows while looking up to the mountains. In the other direction, the Columbia River Valley stretched north to the horizon.

photo blog: Fairmont Hot Springs

Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, CA


photo blog of Inuksuk

Tim and Inuksuk


photo blog of The Columbia River Valley

The Columbia River Valley


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Cranbrook and St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino

Our recovery from Calgary continued in Cranbrook at the St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino. The resort has its own spacious RV park from where we ventured into the casino. You couldn’t find a simple slot machine where three cherries win. Instead, there are complicated computerized players’ cards and video machines that make a lot of noise and are hard to determine how you win or lose. Somehow, Deborah immediately won 25 free plays, which caused the machine to take over and play. In the end, it was a penny play that paid $65!

We played golf a couple of times while we were there. On the golf course, there were numerous deer sightings, and they were in fawn season. There were so many deer with their new and spotted fawns, and we couldn’t help but stop and watch them before they ultimately became hidden in the shrubbery.

St. Eugene golf course photo blog

Finishing up 18 at the St. Eugene golf course


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photo blog St. Mary Lake

St. Mary Lake, Cranbrook, British Columbia, CA


Back in the USA

July came to a close and we bid goodbye to Canada. It had been a wonderful month, but it is always great to return to the USA. We were “randomly” selected for customs inspection, and our US border agent demonstrated quite a commanding attitude before allowing us to enter.

On our way to Seattle, we stopped at Cle Elum, Washington and enjoyed the Swiftwater Cellars again after a two-year absence. Why in the world did we wait so long?

photo blog The Swiftwater Cellars

The Swiftwater Cellars at Cle Elum, Washington, US


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