35 Days of Adventure in Summer, Spring, and RAIN!

Selfie - Newport, Oregon

This week we are very excited because it is full of prepping for another Risk Blossoming adventure!

You may think that with just returning from months of travel we would be slowing down, but that’s not Risk Blossoming!

We’re off for another 35 days of travel! Find out where we are going, what we are celebrating, and how we are going to fit everything we need in one suitcase each in this week’s special blog video….

35 Days in Summer, Spring, and RAIN!

Our packing for a 5 week, 35 day adventure is a little…complicated.

We are travelling to New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii without BAM.

That means a lot of planes, trains, buses, and different weather to consider.

Our first stop, Hawaii, will be an easy one to pack for- warmth and sun! Then we travel to the Southern Hemisphere where it’s springtime, but as we continue our journey, we will need to be prepared for temperatures down to 40 degrees- and RAIN!

So we are finding a way to pack for temperatures from 40 degrees to 90 degrees, all in one bag each!

Follow Our Adventure!

While we are gone for this next 35 day adventure we will not be blogging, but we hope that everyone will follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

And we’ll plan to catch up on and share some stories and blogs when we return at the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Please reach out and stay in touch while we are away and do let us know any recommendations/suggestions you have on where to go, what to see, where to get the t-shirt, and what to eat and drink!


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