Hi! We are Tim and Deborah Bateman and we’re so excited to share our Risk Blossoming adventure with you. We are a happily married couple who are truly grateful for the abundant and blessed life we’ve been granted. As Baby Boomers, we are members of the generation recognized as the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation. We have been inspired with the hope and genuine expectation that the world will improve with time.

Together, we have enjoyed the opportunity to live our dreams and Risk Blossoming. Through experiences in our big-ass motorhome, BAM as we affectionately refer to it, we enjoy exploring the country and making a difference in the lives of those with whom we interact. Ours is a life of love and adventure where we are able to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and GROW every single day.

Meet Deborah

I married Tim Bateman twice. The first time, I was wildly attracted to him and wanted to build a family with this kind, caring, loving and gentle man. But time, daily pressures, career demands and life carved a space between us leading us to divorce after 25 years of marriage so I could continue to pursue my career in New York City.

The second time Tim and I married was 10 years ago at sunset on Poipu Beach, Kauai. With friend and family in attendance, we exchanged forever, heartfelt promises. This time, I married Tim because I had embraced my own authentic self and knew what I truly wanted: to live and share my life with the man who embodies so many of my own personal core values.

For me, Risk Blossoming is not as much about traveling in BAM as it is about all that we will experience and the people we will meet. It’s about the journey. It is my hope that our journey will continue to open your vision and empower you to boldly step into the opportunities in your life.

Meet Tim

The first time I saw Deborah, I knew she was the one. Luckily for me, she was not only the one but the “two” as well, since she married me twice. But it was that first night when, in an instant, I saw her spirit and spontaneous enthusiasm that I was hooked for life.

Although for Deborah and me, our first motorhome didn’t enter our lives until last summer, 40-some years prior, I had co-owned a 1973 Pace Arrow motorhome. My friends and I had a lot of fun in that RV, and I always dreamed of having something bigger and better for even more adventures. Remembering those good times, during a Minnesota to Phoenix trip with Deborah, I blurted out, “Let’s buy a motorhome.” Deborah, always up for a spontaneous adventure, agreed: “Let’s do it!”

It’s one thing to dream and think of doing something, but it’s another to actually move and do it. We took a bit of a leap of faith to purchase BAM, but our new vehicle soon inspired us to share our adventures, giving birth to Risk Blossoming.

Meet BAM

The day we first met BAM, it was pretty much “love at first sight.” When we pulled up at to the address we had been given, she seemed to be stretched out and sunning in the long drive. My gosh, she was BIG and she was BEAUTIFUL!

Most of all, she was everything that we had dreamed of; a 40’ Diesel Pusher Bus, with a big leather captain's chair fit for a king. It was sunny but cool Arizona November morning and she stood bright, shiny and immaculate — her awnings were out, her windows were gleaming and her big tires were jet black and shiny. She looked great. She knew it. Her current owner knew it, and we knew it.

She was the first Motorcoach we looked at, and it didn’t take long to confirm she was the one that we wanted.

Motor Homes

Thirty days earlier, BAM had been a whim of an idea. But, we were ready to follow the whim and now she was ours. Her name, BAM, had come years earlier from our daughter, Tara.

As a family, we traveled a lot in the late 1990s, right when motorhomes were evolving into full size busses complete with large diesel engine dependability while providing luxurious living. Tara called them Big Ass Motorhomes, and we shared her dream of owning one to travel in someday. Thus, the name BAM.

BAM is a looker, and she gets noticed.  But, enjoying her company for more than a year has enabled us to discover her sometimes demanding and feisty personality. Like a beautiful woman, she is more high-maintenance than wash-and-wear.

We knew nothing about her inner workings when we first took off in May of 2017 but have quickly found out there are a lot of moving parts and peculiarities within her care and maintenance!

Some things can break and be worked around. Others have to be fixed right away. But, every time we get have someone work on her, we hear the same two things —“She sure is pretty” and “once you get all the little things fixed she will be better than a new one”.

We made the commitment to keep her current and give her the loving care and maintenance that she desires and deserves. And even with some wonderful renovations and enhancements during the winter and spring of 2018, there still seems to be a list of things that we would like to do for her. But the bottom line is, she is still beautiful, she knows it, we know it, and we are all happy.