The Amalfi Coast Wisdom Quest 2014


From Me to WE – that became the theme of our recent Wisdom Quest to the Amalfi Coast. A winning recipe that combined beautiful scenery, amazing food, shopping, wineries, castles, churches, and a truly spectacular group of women!

For so many successful women, it is always go go go – rarely do we either have the time, or more importantly, take the time to stop and thoughtfully plan what’s next in our lives. And yet, when we do, the result is always beyond our expectations!

In Italy, we had an incredibly group of women who invested their time, trust – in possibility and each other – come together to take a “time out” and plan the next chapter of their lives.

Through story telling, reflection, and listening to our hearts, each person had time to rejuvenate and envision both their leadership and legacy. It was one of those rare opportunities that allowed each person to explore and reclaim the parts of herself that had been set aside as she focused on other areas of her life.

Although many of us feel we have “done the work” to close the doors on parts of our pasts, sometimes there is one more door that needs to close to finally step through to a more fulfilling future – and what made it even more special was finding out you had a new community of friends stepping forward with you!

In Positano, Ilaria Capua, an Italian member of Parliament, joined us to discuss women’s leadership in Europe. It was interesting to note that Europe is struggling with its feminist movement and parity issues in different ways than we are in the U.S.A., but also validating to hear Ilaria share the struggles of balancing family, being a scientist, and a government official. It’s true, we are all uniquely different, but in the very same way.

But the most important take-away, was creating a community of “we” versus “me.” The experience did not end in Amalfi, instead Italy was just the beginning. Since then, the group has embarked on a group exploration of mindfulness, shared potluck reunions, are planning a trip to Sedona and even set up a private Facebook group! The Wisdom Quest was the catalyst and the relationships are here to last…

It is my hope and wish that you can also experience a Wisdom Quest! Join us in 2015!

Into the Mystical Lands of
Mountains, Mantras and Monasteries
April 5-12, 2015

Known as the ‘Land of the Peaceful Dragon,” Bhutan is still regarded as one the last ‘Shan-grilas’ in the Himalayas. A purely Buddhist Kingdom, its remote, spectacular Himalayan mountain range and unique ancient monasteries are still relatively unexplored.

With happiness as a declared part of its national GDP, Bhutan provides the ideal backdrop to explore “what does it really take to be happy?”

The short flight from Kathmandu is often described as a flight of fantasy! Enjoy up close views of Mount Everest without having to make the trek! Optional pre/ post extensions to Nepal or Tibet available on request! COST: $3999.00 (excluding international airfare)


Victoria Falls, Zambia
Over the Moonbow!
May 30 – June 4, 2015

Victoria Falls, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, is also one of two places in the world to experience a moonbow! Deliberately scheduled to coincide with the full moon and with private access directly to the falls from our resort, prepare to be ensconced in beauty that is simply unsurpassed.

Through guided walks, “Big 5” safari and walking with lion cubs – seeing the world through their eyes – you will envision and plan the next chapter of your life. Optional pre/post extensions to South Africa available on request! COST: $5950.00 (excluding international airfare)

The Wisdom Quest gathers our “collective wisdom” and creates an opportunity to reflect, rejuvenate and plan the next chapter of your life. It is an opportunity to explore the parts of yourself that may have been set aside as you have focused on other areas. You will have the opportunity to examine both your professional and personal life and discover or renew a connection to the passion that makes life exciting.

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