DeborahLive the Life You Deserve. The Power is within You.

Are you ready to create your own personal brand by recognizing your strengths, addressing weaknesses and creating the vision of who you are and the difference you want to make? Then let’s make it happen.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re working to improve your leadership and communication skills—and have made some progress—but aren’t at your desired level yet.
  • You want to be a stronger leader but aren’t sure how.
  • You need to communicate more effectively with your colleagues and clients.

What you haven’t told anyone is….

  • You are CONCERNED because you struggle to hit your growth goals.
  • You are FRUSTRATED because your communication strategies aren’t working.
  • You are TIRED of feeling like you are not making progress.
  • You are BURNED OUT from working so hard and not getting the desired results.
  • You are OVERWHELMED.


  • You are CONFIDENT about your leadership skills.
  • You are INSPIRED to motivate others.
  • You are RE-ENGAGED and communicating effectively.
  • You are LIBERATED from old behavior and thought patterns.
  • You are ENERGIZED because you know how to lead effectively and get results.

Working with me

Select the opportunity that best supports your needs to create the life that you want—and deserve. Then get ready for an authenticintentional and profound experience that empowers you to LIVE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE.

I am a certified Hogan Coach. Hogan assessments are a results-oriented approach to connecting what learnings from the assessment results (strategic self-awareness) to your key business goals. Learn more about the value of Hogan assessments >>

Deborah Bateman is a leader who embodies the quote, “There is no limit to the good you can do if you do not care who gets the credit.” She is one of the most humble leaders I have met whose leadership is driven by her values and passion for making a difference in our world and in her clients’ lives. me knows how to make things happen and helps her clients find that power within themselves.

J’Lein Liese

Ph.D. Partner, Leading with Conversations

The word “amazing” is often overused, but not in Deborah’s case! me is smart and knowledgeable and—more importantly, in my view—passionate, supportive and always eager to help others find their success. She has a way of making everyone around her better just by being in her presence.

Margie Albert

Trainer/Consultant for the Broadcast Industry

Deborah Bateman is one of the finest woman mentors that I know. She is the epitome of intelligence, beauty and professionalism. She is very detail oriented and proficient. She also has a wonderful spirit and always reaches out to her community for philanthropic support. She is a beacon in our community.

Barbara Adelson

BSRN, RN, Vice President, Adelson medical Consulting, Inc.

Deborah is an exceptional individual. Her vision, ability and care to help others are striking! No matter how you connect with her—as an employee, colleague or customer—the results are perfect and inspirational. She has made life better for all who connect with her, whether personally or professionally. What a blessing and a gift…truly exceptional.

Mary Contreras

CEO, Mary Contreras State Farm Agency

Deborah Bateman is a leader in the community. She inspires others through her actions and her vision. Her commitment to the community, her clients and to changing the world has helped us all to become more engaged, successful and connected.

Karie Montague

Helping CEOs and Leaders Discover the Next Right Answer
Susan Kavanaugh

You don't need to research coaches because the BEST is already among us. Deborah Bateman, known and loved by so many people in Arizona, has made an impact toward positive change for organizations and, more importantly, for individuals. My work with me, using the Hogan assessment and her well-developed skills, birthed powerful realizations about what was most important in my life. Instead of a breakdown, I had a breakthrough with me. Her love, gentle words and brilliant mind directed me to my authentic self, a place and person I could explore safely and softly with me. She will change your life!!

Coaching Offerings

  1. RISK BLOSSOMING: Strategic Partnership and Transformational Coaching

    (Includes the Hogan HDI, HDS and MVPI assessments)

    Includes sixteen (16) 60-minute private sessions: $6,695
    Average duration: 6–8 months

    One of the most effective ways to create meaningful change is through private 1:1 coaching. If you are committed to accelerating personal change that can result in profound change in your career and personal life, then think of me as your trusted advisor and coach on retainer.

    This guided journey includes sixteen (16) private sessions, unlimited emails, Hogan HDI, HDS and MVPI assessments and reports, and assistance in creating your personal action plan. As your guide, my questions will support you to connect and embrace your authentic self, discover and validate your inherent gifts and envision the intentional and purposeful life you want to live. Throughout this journey, her presence, heartfelt engagement and support will help you to discover your answers and gifts.

  2. CREATE YOUR CELEBRITY: Personal Branding and Brand Strategy

    (Includes the Hogan HDI, HDS and MVPI assessments)

    Includes thirteen (13) 60-minute private sessions: $5,595
    Average duration: 4–6 months

    "If you don't brand yourself, others will do it for you."

    Work with me and strategically create your brand to create your celebrity and amplify your reputation and value. Recognize that your brand isn't just your LinkedIn profile or your Twitter account. It is much more than that. Branding is your reputation. Branding is about defining your authentic self, showcasing what differentiates you and describing the added value you provide.

    The first phase of this program will support the validation of your strengths and core values by leveraging the Hogan assessment. The second phase will then be focused on the development and execution of a personalized mission statement and brand action plan where you will:

    • Identify your unique and authentic brand
    • Develop a strategy to create and enhance the perception of your visibility and impact
    • Create your personal "campaign" to amplify your brand, value, authority and expertise
    • Provide an emotional connection to your brand via your community engagement

    Your personal brand is essential to career advancement because branding helps define who you are, what is great about you and why you should be sought out.

  3. WRITING YOUR NEXT CHAPTER: Own your story and create your happily ever after

    Includes eight (8) 60-minute private sessions: $3,195
    Average duration: 3–4 months

    When we deny our stories, they define us.
    When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.
    - Brene Brown

    Owning our story is about being authentic and standing in our truth. When you own your story, it can be transformative in your life!

    In this program, you will work with me to discover your story, the power within your story and the impact it can have on you and others to share your story with others. You will take full ownership and accountability for your story, and you will envision and construct the next chapter in your life, being authentic and working toward goals that are more aligned with your purpose. You will have the opportunity to redefine success!


    (Includes 30-minute private pre-test session and Hogan assessment test for HPI, HDS and MVPI)

    Three (3) 60-minute private results interpretation sessions (one session per each assessment): $1,495
    Average duration: 4–6 weeks

    The Hogan assessment consists of three unique assessments. We will meet prior to the test to address your questions and review the instructions for taking the assessments. The three assessments can be taken at your leisure, each test taking 15–20 minutes. Once completed and your results are received, you will be provided with your comprehensive results report to review prior to each scheduled 60-minute session to discuss and review your respective results.

    This assessment should enable you to validate who you are and identify your:

    1. personal, inherent strengths (and weaknesses),
    2. development opportunities, and
    3. personal motives, values and preferences.

    This awareness, coupled with your desire and ambition, can help to pave the way to proceed and create the life you want and deserve.

    Learn more about the Hogan Assessment >>


    One-hour private session: $425

    Perhaps you are looking for that opportunity to get an objective dose of insight and clarity and move forward with the life that you desire and know you deserve. This private 1:1 coaching session will provide you with the support to prioritize and focus on your potential, passion and purpose.

Payment plans available on request.
I offer my coaching services on a selective and boutique basis, accepting only six clients at a time.