Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions & Expectations

Welcome! I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with you. The information below includes what you can expect of me during our coaching relationship and what I request of you.

FAQs on Coaching Services

All of our interactions, conversations, emails, faxes etc. will remain strictly confidential, meaning that I will not share any information provided by you with anyone without your express consent. The exception to this will be that, from time to time, I may use a situation from your coaching experience as an analogy in another client's session, or in a public setting such as a newsletter or a seminar. In this case, I will not use your name and will refer to the situation in such a way that you will not be identifiable to others.

How to Get the Most from Your Coaching

DeborahThis Is Your Time

Focus on your entire situation but specifically on what you want to achieve. I encourage my clients to be results focused. Give yourself short-term and long-term measurable goals as well as goals about the experiences you want to have in life (sometimes these can't be measured).

At the same time, I need you to understand that coaching is more than a quick fix. I want to get you to where you want to be but not at the expense of avoiding the big picture. We will look at the people you interact with, the dynamics of the situation you are involved in, and what extenuating factors you are dealing with.

We will look at your personality traits and what you may be doing to perpetuate the problem. The quicker we can get to your desired results, the more satisfied you will be. Our goal is to expedite your success as quickly as possible.

Give Yourself the Attention You Need

A noted study tells us that most people don't think/feel that they are truly heard or understood. It is for this reason that I encourage you to talk first and foremost about what matters to you and how you are looking at your situation. This may include your dreams, your frustrations, your family, your relationships, the things you are tolerating in your life or what you most want to improve. This approach will give you the value you seek. In other words, be honest, straightforward and authentic.

Tell Me Your Story and Get To Know Yourself Again

Start by highlighting the people who have been significant in your life and why. Working with an experienced coach is a healthy way to rediscover what is important to you. Most clients hire a coach to accomplish several specific goals, and much of our time and focus will be on these goals.

Yet, in order to be truly successful, a person's walk and talk need to be in alignment. Don't be surprised if, during our time together, you discover new parts of yourself. You may even be adjusting your goals to align with who you really are.

This discovery process is natural, so you need not rush it; just realize it will likely happen. Accelerated personal and professional growth is the hallmark of being coached.

Double Your Level of Willingness to Learn

Part of working with me, as your coach, is that I will ask a lot of you. Sometimes I will need you to be willing to experiment with fresh approaches so you can more easily reach your goals. By being coached, you will be required to practice new ways of doing things. Just as an athlete is required to practice certain moves until they become natural, so too will you be required to practice. Once these skills are integrated, you will find increased personal and professional satisfaction.

Come Prepared, With an Agenda

Since our time together is limited, you will want to have a list of things you want to discuss. On this list will be things such as problems you are facing and how you handled them, input you want on a situation, new skills you would like to develop, successes during the week, insights you have discovered or strategies you want to employ.

Attract What You Want

Coaching will help you focus on getting what you want and will also help you to reduce or eliminate things that you have found draining or stressful. It will also help you to establish boundaries.

Be Self-Caring

People regularly put others, commitments and work ahead of personal needs. While you are being coached, you are encouraged to put yourself first. By looking after yourself, you will become happier and more relaxed, and the significant people in your life will undoubtedly benefit in the long run.


By being coached, you will learn to become a keen observer of yourself in action. Although we will be focused directly on your goals, we will also discuss your strategies in order to achieve these goals. In addition, we will be examining your assumptions, expectations, belief systems and approach to success. Instead of trying harder, you will be encouraged to try and do things differently.

Take Action

In order to achieve your goals, you will be supported as you learn to make the desired changes. Whereas therapy looks to the past, coaching addresses where you are today and where you would like to be in the future. It is forward looking and action oriented.

Integrate What You Have Been Learning

By integrating your learning into your daily routine, you will notice yourself evolving. You will grow through the process of self-discovery. Take time to share these experiences with your coach so you can feel comfortable with change and the challenges and opportunities being presented to you.

What I Ask of You During the Coaching Experience


Time is valuable for both of us, so please ensure that you are on time. I schedule at least 30 minutes’ preparation time before each client, so I will be ready and waiting for our time together.


You may be given a selection of assignments or asked to obtain more details based on the information you provide about your situation. You will be expected to do some self-discovery through reading materials and perhaps communication-style assessments. A book or assessment purchase may be necessary.

The rationale for this is to pinpoint the type of responses that you routinely use to resolve problems so you can explore options. We will look at the types of people you like to work with so that you can be more discerning. You will be encouraged to examine your strengths and limitations and learn to build upon those strengths.

And lastly, we will examine how to avoid pitfalls and create awareness in your daily life. Any agreed-upon assignments are to be completed and sent to me at least a full day prior to our next scheduled appointment. This will allow time for review.


We will both need as much feedback as possible. You are encouraged to ask for feedback as a learning tool. Let me know when something is working for you as well as when something is not. The more open and honest our relationship becomes, the more helpful it will be.


Several of my clients choose to refer my services to others. I suggest that any discussions about referrals be conducted outside our coaching sessions so that my focus remains exclusively on you during our time together.

As you know, I will always take time to discuss a person's situation with them and offer a FREE 30-minute coaching session to anyone you may refer. At least half of my business comes from referrals. I want you to know that I will work hard to fit anyone you refer into my schedule and that you can be assured I will give them the best possible support.