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We were recently featured in VoyagePhoenix, a magazine that looks to highlight the best of the Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe areas, and we are just thrilled to share with you all the stories and behind-the-scenes we shared with them!

Meet Deborah and Tim Bateman of Risk Blossoming in Central Phoenix: Featured in VoyagePhoenix

Deborah and Tim, can you briefly walk us through your story—how you started and how you got to where you are today.

Through their blog and social media posts, Deborah and Tim Bateman share their Risk Blossoming adventures with the world. As a happily married, Baby Boomer couple, they’re truly grateful for their abundant and blessed life as members of the generation known for being active, adventurous, and engaged in a fit-focused lifestyle. They’ve found inspiration, hope, and a genuine expectation that the world, and their lives, will improve with time.

However, there’s more to their love story than meets the eye. Yes, they have been married for a long time—almost 40 years—but they have been married to each other twice. The first time they were married for 25 years. They married young and thought it would be their fairytale romance, but then life happened.

Divorced and living separate lives, they somehow found their way back to each other. This time, they were not wearing rose-colored glasses. They knew what they wanted in life and in love. They married a second time at sunset on the picturesque Poipu Beach in Kauai, Hawaii. And today, as they are featured in VoyagePhoenix, their love story continues to blossom.

The Next Phase of Life

As they neared “retirement,” Tim and Deborah dreamed together. They envisioned the type of life they wanted to live. These two dreamed it, planned it, and now they are living it.

They believe that travel is transformational and enables personal growth. And they have created a life that allows them to live their dreams and continue growing as individuals and a couple. Now, because of that, they are blossoming.

Three years ago, they purchased a Motorcoach, which they affectionately call BAM (Big A$$ Motorhome). BAM has enabled them to enjoy the opportunity to live their dreams and to continue to Risk Blossoming.

Tim and Deborah enjoy exploring North America and making a difference in the lives of those with whom they interact in person and online. Theirs is a life of love and adventure where they share their love to EXPLORE, DISCOVER, and GROW every single day with the intention of inspiring others to envision their dreams, make plans to move toward that goal, and then live it.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

First, just learning to live with someone in 350 square feet on wheels can be a challenge all it itself. Space priorities and organization can become issues. Patience, time, and understanding lessons learned along the way have helped them to become much better at this endeavor.

While Tim and Deborah both experienced success in their separate careers, they’ve had to learn to be “partners” in their Risk Blossoming adventures. As they shared when featured in VoyagePhoenix, their business partnership continues to evolve. But it has allowed the two to leverage each other’s strengths and gifts.

Deborah began as the author of the blogs, but it wasn’t long before Tim began to add comments and stories and eventually took over as the lead author. And Deborah had to learn to surrender her control of the blog. It wasn’t an easy transition, but they now champion each other’s contributions and gifts.

They are still settling into their respective roles within Risk Blossoming, but it’s nothing like they had envisioned in the beginning. Their lessons learned have been built on the foundation of listening, talking with each other, establishing mutual goals, and agreeing who is best equipped to lead or manage the effort. More than ever, they understand and respect each other’s contributions to the partnership. And they’ve become enthusiastic champions of each other’s contributions. Rather than celebrating individual wins, they now celebrate their partnership.

They’ve also learned to outsource and delegate. They have put together a virtual team that is able to support them with the technology, marketing, financial, legal, and other needs that they have. When they tried to do these things themselves, they were not meeting their own expectations of the way they wanted to manage and run a business.

Risk Blossoming—what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?

Risk Blossoming has three unique channels and lines of business. We refer to them as Explore, Discover, and Grow.


“Explore” is our Risk Blossoming blog. We leverage our blog and social media posts to share our journeys, adventures, and life’s lessons learned. Our intention is to inspire others to live their dreams. As the popularity of the Risk Blossoming blog continues to grow, the opportunities to be influencers for various products and services that we believe in and support has increased.


“Discover” is our Wisdom Quests. Wisdom Quests are travel masterminds that allow participants to remove themselves from their day-to-day responsibilities to focus on themselves and their personal growth. Unlike anything most people have experienced, a Wisdom Quest opens doors you not only didn’t know were closed, but probably didn’t even know were present in your life. Some of our previous excursions have taken us to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nepal, Bhutan, Italy, Peru/Machu Picchu, Russia, and Portugal. In 2020, we are starting off the year by traveling to Morocco in April.


“Grow” is our coaching. Deborah is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach who is still transitioning from a career banker to a life and leadership coach. She believes that her “why” is to help people identify and embrace their passion, purpose, and potential. And her coaching is an authentic, intentional, and profound experience that empowers one to LIVE THE LIFE YOU DREAM.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?

For Tim and Deborah, success is living the life that they dream. It’s working and playing together, continuing to learn and grow, and enjoying their family. It’s the desire to continue to dream. And it’s about having a business that is a part of them and their lives.

Perhaps Tim summed it up in a recent blog when he wrote:

“During one of our last nights of the summer, we sat on a bench overlooking the Puget Sound and reflected on our travels. What a magical trip it has been. We bought BAM three years ago to travel. We created Risk Blossoming to share that travel and photo blog with the intention of inspiring others to dream it, plan it, and experience it. Little did we know at that time that the greatest benefit would be how much our love for each other would grow. Our careers had taken us in different directions. The small space inside BAM, coupled with the teamwork it takes to work, travel, and function together, has truly created a personal growth experience.”

Post Script:

We are so grateful to be featured in VoyagePhoenix. We want to thank you for the wonderful article! It was our pleasure sharing more about ourselves and Risk Blossoming. And thank you to all of you who have been following our journey and are on your own journey to Explore, Discover, and Grow!

And if you are looking to Explore, Discover, and Grow with the transformational coaching Deborah offers, we invite you to schedule your get-to-know-you session with her!


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