Getting to Know Deborah Bateman


This week we start with Tim’s perspective…

I love Deborah because she is such a positive and open person. As an extrovert, Deborah can be bubbly and talkative with any stranger. There have been very few cases when I am the one who needs to open or lead conversations when we’re together – which you might have noted if you’ve met us in person.

What you may not know about Deborah is some of the things she is not. She’s not a big fan of tight spaces, and she’s not a quick reactor. But she is very thoughtful and it is important to her to be a contributor to anything that she’s a part of. These two characteristics of hers came together earlier this year during a margarita-fueled dinner conversation where she contrasted her corporate leadership skills to her other important contributions traveling in BAM.

Working & Traveling Together

“Here,” she said, “my most important contribution and skill-set seems to be standing behind the motorcoach and giving hand signals.” Her arms started swinging around to demonstrate left blinker is working, right blinker is working, continue backing, stop, and of course the cover her eyes signal. I didn’t realize that the last signal, covering her eyes, meant — ‘STOP. IMMEDIATELY’ until after there was a ding in BAM’s rear bumper.

While I found it entertaining to hear to Deborah describe her seemingly trivial duties, it is exactly these teamwork efforts that make traveling in BAM together so much fun. Our bond with each other is so much stronger when we are traveling. There is a dependency on one another for all things, right down to the most basic cooperation for seemingly simple tasks.

That’s a few insights about Deborah, but there’s probably a few more things you don’t already know about the catalyst behind Risk Blossoming, motorhome director (literally) and my wife, so I’m talking this opportunity to help you get to know her better.

Getting to Know Deborah


Deborah has worked her whole life to epitomize achievement, determination and kindness, both professionally and personally. From bank teller to executive, her diverse career has spanned more than 40 years and includes both entrepreneurial and corporate leadership roles.

Her career has included roles within large national financial services organizations, community banks and as the president of The Bateman Group, a consulting firm that provided consulting and regulatory liaison services to financial organizations and their boards of directors. Currently, she serves as the vice chairman of the board of directors for National Bank of Arizona.

Deborah is a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington. Her thesis, “DeNovo, The Organization of a New Independent Bank,” is part of the school’s permanent research library. She’s also a graduate of the American Institute of Banking, Mesa Community College, and Darden’s Leadership Development Program at the University of Virginia. As part of expanding her ability to serve her coaching clients, she’s also a Certified Hogan Assessment Coach.

Deborah’s Philosophy

Deborah is committed to developing individuals around her and helping them reach personal and professional goals. She speaks from the heart when relating her own life experiences to those who value her counsel.

She always says one thing to those she coaches:

Really dig deep and find out who you are.


Not who your mom wanted you to be, not who your dad wanted you to be, not who your friends think you should be.


But really and truly who you are.


To have that target design of knowing ourselves and our purpose is absolutely paramount.


Too many people—men and women— are a result of being who someone else has asked them to be.

Today, with her husband Tim, she runs Risk Blossoming. She and Tim have married twice. The first time Deborah was wildly attracted to Tim and wanted to have a family with this kind, caring, loving, gentle man. Which they did. But time, daily pressures, career demands, and life carved a space between them. After 25 years of marriage, they divorced, so Deborah could continue to pursue her career in New York City.

Deborah & Tim's Kauai Wedding

Then, about 12 years ago they were married again at sunset in Poipu Beach in Kauai. And now they are on a new adventure. Deborah is in it for the journey itself, it is her hope that this journey will continue to free her vision and empower her to boldly step into this next chapter of her life!

Twelve years ago today we were married on the sands of Poipu Beach. My love continues to grow every year! Life is an adventure and I love to laugh together.

Posted by Tim Bateman on Friday, December 14, 2018

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