Guest Blossoming – 5 Incredible Stories

Guest Blossoming

It is no small feat to take the leap to live the life you dream. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to share our triumphs and struggles as we take our Risk Blossoming journey.

What is even more fun is to share the stories of others that are living Risk Blossoming lives. Below is a glimpse into the lives of 5 incredible women who shared their journeys of overcoming odds, obstacles and the unexpected to live the life they had always dreamed.

Salt, Speed and a Guest Blossoming

A Note from Deborah: I don’t think we really understood, in the beginning, how Risk Blossoming would truly become a way of life for us.  This “little idea” has blessed our lifes and encouraged us to continuously step out of our comfort zone, move forward, speak out, change and take steps to fulfill our dreams […]

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Stage 4 Lung Cancer & 200 Miles on a Bike – Lisa’s Journey

Lisa Milkovitch - From Cancer to 200 miles on a bike

Meet our Guest Blogger, Lisa Milkovich It is our great pleasure to introduce our Risk Blossoming Guest Blogger, Lisa Milkovich. In our opinion, Lisa and her sister Kristine are one of the premier realtor teams in Seattle. But the reason we reached out to Lisa to be a Risk Blossoming guest blogger has nothing to […]

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Saying Yes to Adventure… and Yes to Life.

Pat Rubel is an avid traveler and novice hiker - Saying Yes to Adventure

‘The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.’ Pat Rubel is an avid traveler and novice hiker determined to make every day an adventure! Pat is a business owner who’s been married to her husband of 33 years. She has three adult children and one adorable grand-baby. Her message to people of all ages is to […]

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Pursuit of a Life Well-Lived – Michelle Micalizzi

Photo Credit: Warren Chu

We are honored to feature Michelle Micalizzi as a Risk Blossoming Guest Blogger. After reading her story, we’re sure you’ll agree that Michelle lives a “risk blossoming” life as she constantly pursues new adventures and endeavors. It seems Michelle has unlimited energy! She is consistently Exploring, Discovering and Growing – with her only seeming limitation […]

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No Limitations by Lynn-Paige

People intentionally living the life of their dreams, beyond constraints and limitations, continuously inspire us. Lynn-Paige is one of those people. Lynn-Paige is recognized as a powerful woman, an impactful business leader, and a trailblazer. Today, after finding her “real and authentic” self beyond what others might have accepted as limitations, she is truly and […]

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