Hogan Assessment

Hogan Certified CoachAs a Hogan Certified Coach, I am a member of the Hogan Coaching Network (HCN), a group of highly professional, well credentialed and broadly experienced consultants who are carefully screened to ensure that they are experts not only in the Hogan inventories, but in coaching and consulting as well, especially at senior management and executive levels.

“I highly recommend taking the time to assess your leadership potential and career course by experiencing the Hogan assessment process. I’ve taken a multitude of assessments, and this is by far the most comprehensive and helpful opportunity I’ve invested in.”
Susan Kavanaugh, Conscious Capital Strategist

All coaches employ the Hogan results-oriented approach of connecting what participants learn about themselves from the assessment results (strategic self-awareness) to their key business goals. We view the assessment results as the “what” and the feedback session with the coach as the “so what” (i.e., so what does this mean to me?). We then help participants with the “now what” (i.e., now what do I do to be more effective?). Within this framework, coaches tailor their approach to best reach the participants so the feedback session has maximum impact.

Hogan Personality InventoryThe Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) describes normal, or bright-side, personality—qualities that describe how we relate to others when we are at our best. Assessing normal personality will give you valuable insight into how you work, how you lead and how successful you can be.

Hogan Development SurveyThe Hogan Development Survey (HDS) describes the dark side of personality: qualities that emerge in times of increased strain and can disrupt relationships, damage reputations and derail your chances of success. By assessing dark-side personality, you can enable yourself to recognize and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem.

Hogan Motives Values Preferences InventoryThe Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) describes personality from the inside: the core goals, values, drivers and interests that determine what you desire and strive to attain. By assessing values, you can understand what motivates you to succeed, and in what type of position, job and environment you can be the most productive.

Learn more about the science of personality and benefits of knowing yours on the Hogan Assessment website.