Lisa’s Journey – Lessons Learned


As we have experienced in our lives and travels, life continuously has lessons for us to learn. Following up on the story of her journey, Lisa Milkovich has generously shared with us her lessons learned from living well, strong and healthy with cancer.

I have always loved Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote,
“You must do the things you fear you cannot do and you will gain strength, courage and confidence.”


This mantra carried me through my first marathon while over-coming asthma.

It kept me moving to successfully reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

In the past few years, it has helped me face my daily fight with cancer. I would like to share with you and yours the things that I have learned from cancer, hoping to encourage and motivate others to realize how important it is to enjoy and love life.


– Lisa Milkovich

Lessons I have learned from Living Well, Strong and Healthy with Cancer

  1. What I am made of! I have chosen to be strong and positive. I am a fighter! I have been told by my wise sister, Kristine, that I have a strong constitution.
  2. Everyone has a choice to focus on being healthy, strong and living well. I don’t focus on the cancer or being sick. It doesn’t define me.
  3. Who really cares about me. Cancer has a way of bringing forward the people who really care. I actually had an old friend from my 20’s, get on a plane and show up unannounced when she found out I have cancer.
  4. Time is not infinite. One better accomplish their goals while healthy and strong.
  5. One is not going to die just because one is diagnosed with cancer. When you first hear the words, “You have cancer,” the first thought is I am going to die. But, as one moves on from that initial diagnosis you learn it is possible to live strong and well with cancer.
  6. Make more time for family and friends who are what matters most in life.
  7. I deserve to sit in the front row. When I take my nieces to Cirque Du Soleil or the Theater, we sit in the front row. Our mantra is we are worth it!
  8. Eating well, exercising and taking care of yourself is the number one priority. As they say on the plane, put the oxygen on yourself first and then help others. Eating well and exercising is the oxygen to living well.
  9. Appreciate the small beautiful things that we experience every day. Take time to smell the roses!
  10. The people and relationships in your life are what matter most.
  11. Travel anywhere you want to go and to have a lot of fun. I have strolled in Paris and Italy and have ridden a bicycle to Vancouver. These experiences strengthen being alive!
  12. Be a Yes to Life! There are very few things I don’t say Yes to!! I am a YES!!
  13. I deserve to be thin, healthy and a size that looks good in any outfit! I know this is happening because of the clean eating and exercising I am doing daily.
  14. The importance of health insurance. I am grateful for having great insurance from Dang working at Boeing.
  15. The power of being grateful and having gratitude for the day.
  16. The power of daily intentions. We set a daily intention regarding the C drug I am taking. I intend it is killing all the cancer cells in my body and shrinking the remaining tumor until it is gone. I started with 6 tumors and am now down to 1 which is almost undetectable.
  17. The power of prayer. I have been on many people’s prayer lists and believe in the power of the continuing prayers for me and my health.
  18. Other people’s strong belief in me continually makes me stronger. I am truly grateful.

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