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People intentionally living the life of their dreams, beyond constraints and limitations, continuously inspire us.

Lynn-Paige is one of those people. Lynn-Paige is recognized as a powerful woman, an impactful business leader, and a trailblazer. Today, after finding her “real and authentic” self beyond what others might have accepted as limitations, she is truly and finally living her dream.

We invited Lynn-Paige to be a Risk Blossoming Guest Blogger because we admire and respect the changes Lynn-Paige successfully made in her career, lifestyle and her health. Through these changes she found herself and journeyed through her personal transformation. We think you will be inspired by Lynn-Paige’s story.

Discovering the Story of Lynn-Paige

Sitting down to chronicle the story of Lynn-Paige, it was so comfortable to step over into that analytical, linear thinking head of mine.

Easy-peasy, right? I can click this out in no time! Wow!

Just how did I get in this van, down by the river? It’s been a ride!

But, Who Am I?

Stepping through the growth and changes in my career, I found myself at a doorway looking at my accomplishments & failures on one side, and the person that I am on the other. It was an interesting exercise, as I found I was defining myself by “what I did” during my entire career and never ever gave a thought as to “who am I?”.

Defining Moment

My best friend asked me recently if I remembered one defining moment, or event in my life opening the door for me to once and for all shed the persona I had cultivated my entire career and allow myself the freedom to be…ME? I knew and answered very quickly. The sudden death of my sister-in-law a few years ago, at the age of 65.

She went to sleep one evening and never woke up. It had a profound affect on my thinking about life, allowing myself to reflect deeply, to believe I would be loved for me and that I still had things to give in this lifetime. How would I feel the fear, and, unwrap the gifts I had yet to see and give?

Young Lynn-Paige, The Entrepreneur

Lynn-Paige, Age 7

My foray into entrepreneurship began in earnest at age 7. Pooling my considerable book and encyclopedia collection (for a 7 year old), with my best friend and next-door neighbor, we formed a suburbia library. Complete with a Dewey-decimal system of organization, a membership application (which required a level of personal info more akin to a house loan than book loan), along with requisite late charges! As our reputation grew, even parents were sending their children to our library for books.

Serious and dedicated, we knew our books well enough to entice would be readers to venture outside of their typical reading comfort-zone to a book of poetry or an autobiography of a First Lady. We were were also serious about timely returns.

Reaping the Rewards

We took our profits one Saturday, compliments of late charges, walked the half mile to the nearest city bus stop, put our coins in the hopper, and spent a day of strict agenda exploring downtown Richmond, Virginia. We enjoyed a Blue Plate Special lunch at Woolworth’s counter at our first stop. Then back on the bus with our last stop and last pennies spent at a bakery for the most scrumptious brownies ever made (the ones with walnuts and real frosting). Our half mile walk home was absolute rapture with chocolate on our faces.

Buoyed by our glorious day from earned efforts, and dreaming of that next trip, we raised late fees. When I chased a friend all the way home on my bicycle to collect her five cent late fine, our mothers decided to guide us in another direction and enroll us as Brownies in the Girl Scouts…but that’s another story!

My Mother’s Guiding Factors

The not so subtle truth was, my mother drilled in me two guiding factors:

  1. I could do anything in life I wanted to do with no limitations.
  2. I must learn to take care of myself in all things and not depend on anyone to come along to do it.

My Early Career

Graduating from high school at 15, I began what would turn out to be a non-stop 12 years. I had a full-time job along with ¾ time college and found myself smack in the middle of the most amazing time in history for women in business. I loved all things business and had a natural talent with cash flow management.

Wildly interested in natural energy, I was thrilled when, during my CPA apprenticeship with one of the Big 8’s at that time, they threw me in a ‘closet’ working on oil depletion calculations for some their oil well clients. Hooked, I went to work for one of their clients.

It was a time of 17% interest rates and remarkable business incentives for tax reductions, I got to be in the middle of the “Good Old Boys Club” putting together and eventually presenting oil drilling partnerships to would be investors. Then, I began managing the on-going drilling, selling off the partnerships and reporting back to the very CPA firm where I started as an intern.

The Art of the Deal

I had no sense that I was in an all male dominated field, nor did I care. The business offered me a small, and really I mean tiny, percentage of each deal for my driving out to the middle-of-nowhere Kansas drilling fields, traipsing through mud and muck on my own time and learning the business inside out. The investors were from all areas of business, looking for tax write-offs and I became adept at soaking up all the knowledge I could from each of them.

Life Happens

During these years I completed my undergrad studies, MBA, had my daughter and son, failed at a marriage, and learned I would always be in business for myself for the rest of my life. What an education!!

Then, tax incentives dried up. I was tired of slugging through icy oil fields. And, my business partner and his wife retired to Arizona. BAM!!

My mother’s words of “you best learn how to take care of yourself, no one else will” rang in my ears.

One visit to sunny skies and soft warm air on my skin in February was all it took to announce, on my arrival home, that we were transplanting to Carefree, Arizona!

Arizona and Solar Energy

I lived thirty years as an entrepreneur in Phoenix.  The last twelve years were growing a successful solar electric company. What a fantastic, exhilarating time.

1985-2015 were heady years for women in business and Arizona was especially fertile. I loved every minute of it, building business after business and on to the next. Some great and some, not so much.

And Then….

Some time during 2012, I noticed I wasn’t moving as fast as I would like and with considerable pain. Next came a boring story of a year and a half of testing every single cell in my body,  leaving me with the diagnosis of advanced, degenerative, rheumatoid arthritis and prescriptions for a wheel chair and mind numbing painkillers.

Really!?!?!?! Was it going to go down like this? I wallowed in myself for a year or so and again those words from my Mom served up to me yet again. “You can do anything you put your mind to with no limitations”.

Time for a Change

I presented this change of perspective to my doctor and he said, “it is what it is, prepare and make yourself as comfortable as possible”…..New Doctor time!!

Visiting my son and his family in San Diego, my daughter-in-law barely hid her concern of my deteriorated condition and presented me with a nutritional program she believed could help me get my body back. I was resistant, got home and began my usual intense research and became intrigued with possibilities.

And, It Begins

I began the program suggested by my daughter-in-law the next week. Within 30 days, I was feeling a marked improvement.  Within 60 days, I was totally off ALL prescribed medication, including the ones for depression.

I went from not being able to walk a quarter of a block without my husband picking me up in the car, to walking blocks and blocks every day. I dropped 30 pounds of fat and toxins and regained my joy for possibilities still left in my time here.

My Before and After

The Ripple Effect

My husband was understandably greatly affected by my decline and subsequent rising. He joined me in my quest to regain as much as possible of our bodies. Within a few months he was off his 27 year blood pressure medication as a result of giving his body the perfect nutrition it craved.

Our “After”

As we continued to progress physically, my husband suggested we sell our home, get an RV and spend time traveling the country. Researching all the configurations that may work for us, we settled on a motorhome and tow car my grandson named the “House Wagon.”

Our 36′ Full-Time Home, The House Wagon

Life on the Road

For two years, we have traveled primarily to see family and friends.  To date, we have enjoyed time in San Diego, Portland, Tampa, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and explored many points to and from.

Family Reunion, New Hampshire

We have spent quality time, not often found, when attending weddings and funerals and feel much more a part of lives we love and care for. We have added many more points to our bucket list and the longer we are on the road, the more enamored we are with the freedom we have, the real time we have together every day and the moments that take our breath away.

Yellowstone National Park

This is a magnificent, friendly country we live in. By now we thought we would have found a quaint little town to settle in, we are not nearly done seeing the wonders of the USA.

And, A New Career

Loving all the parks, museums, restaurants and attractions has proven a bit more expensive than we first thought. As my new lease on life promises no limitations, when friends and family began asking what I was doing and how this nutritional lifestyle worked, I found the amazing company offered compensation for referring. That was easy! Then a few fellow travelers asked how they might garner a bit of fun money for traveling and I find the incredible joy of helping people with healthy aging and residual income.

Isagenix Headquarters, Gilbert, Arizona

I have discovered the “fantasticness” (my new word) about me, my body, my capacity for love, and an incredible gratitude for the life I get to live! I adore our lifestyle and the incredible gift of giving back and the real and authentic ME

Happy Trails!

You can contact Lynn-Paige at:

Lynn Paige Jeffrey
Healthy Aging Advisor – Isagenix International
Proud active member of

Lynn-Paige Jeffrey
Retired CEO – PerfectPower Inc Solar
Past – Chair of the BOD – Arizona Small Business Association
Past – Co-Owner & VP – International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture
Virginia Commonwealth University – School of Design
Rockhurst College (Kansas City) – School of Business
University of Phoenix – MBA

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