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We are honored to feature Michelle Micalizzi as a Risk Blossoming Guest Blogger. After reading her story, we’re sure you’ll agree that Michelle lives a “risk blossoming” life as she constantly pursues new adventures and endeavors. It seems Michelle has unlimited energy! She is consistently Exploring, Discovering and Growing – with her only seeming limitation being the number of hours in a day. AND, that is just one of the reasons we asked Michelle to share her story. Enjoy!

Meet Michelle Micalizzi

Michelle Micalizzi

Entrepreneurs and inspiring stories of all kinds are Michelle Micalizzi’s muse and focus.  As an artist, fashion designer, visual journalist, radio talk show host, business woman and philanthropist; Micalizzi collaborates way out of the box with the purpose of connecting art + business + community.

We are very excited for you to “meet” her. It is our New Year’s wish that her zest for life and her “Lessons Learned” will inspire you to live a life well lived and #Explore #Discover #Grow.

Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG)

This time of year most of us reflect back on the past 11 or so months, assess all that we accomplished and set goals for the next year. It is hard to ignore the New Year’s resolution rush on social media, in our ever-crowded email box, and the grocery aisle magazines. We love to set goals for ourselves, as Jim Collins states in his book, Built to Last, we need BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).

-Jim Collins


As much as we love to set big goals, most of us know deep down inside that this year will be yet another year we look back and say, shoot, I missed that goal AGAIN.

Setting New Year Resolutions

According to the Statista, the most common 2018 New Year’s resolutions ranked as: eat healthier, get more exercise, save more money tied for first; followed by sleep more; read more; make new friends; learn a new skill; get a new job; and take up a new hobby. Interestingly, 32% of people refrain from making resolutions because they believe resolutions set you up to feel like a failure at the end of yet another year when you miss the mark.

New Years resolutions in a notebook

U.S. News reports that by the second week of February, 80% of us have given up on resolutions. Every year the most popular resolution is to lose weight and eat healthier. However, only 9.2% reach this goal. If you are a regular member of a gym you can watch this phenomenon take place. I can attest to this fact, and can literally set my clock by gym participants behavior. By Valentine’s Day most folks are back to eating chocolate and sleeping in rather than getting up early to suffer through cardio and eating healthy meals.

Looking Back and Assessing

Those of us who run companies and have professional goals also know that year-end is the time we take stock of how we did. One of things I am good at is getting things done because I hold myself and my clients accountable for the goals we set. I document the reality of what that looks like on social media. I have found that people are inspired by my authenticity because my messiness serves to take them off the hook. You see, setting AND achieving goals is sometimes not pretty, often times comical, and always hard work. The 9.2% of us who reach those goals we set at New Year’s know the truth of the path to achievement.

I am very honored that Risk Blossoming (Tim and Deborah Bateman) asked me to share some words of wisdom with you about the lessons I have learned from achieving many goals for both my clients and myself, and living a life well lived.

Deeply Understand Your “Why”

Ultimately, you will not stick to anything if it is not deeply aligned with your core values and the reason you have been put on this planet. You have to have your own WHY that resonates with your soul’s purpose.

Michelle – The Fashion Designer

To be blunt, BSing yourself and others is really a colossal waste of everyone’s time. If you don’t figure out what REALLY lights your soul on fire and gives you sheer joy, you will not accomplish anything worth achieving. If you have not figured out what makes your heart go flutter–that is your very first job. This one precious life we have been given is not a dress rehearsal. No matter how old you are, the reality is that time is of the essence!

What Does Success Look Like to You?

Begin with the End in Mind

Wanderlust is wonderful. One of my very favorite things is to jump on my Harley and just aimlessly wander to unknown adventures.

Temporarily, this works as a great way to brain dump and detach from the pressures of deadlines and expectations. There is absolute wonder in the unknown. However, if you really want to achieve a BHAG, you have to clearly know what the achievement of that goal looks like in Technicolor. Take time to imagine what success looks like in your mind. Who and what is there with you when you arrive there? Once you have that vision, back yourself out of that place and identify what steps you need to get yourself there. Without judgment, cultivate a HOW plan to get yourself to that place—make the plan!

Create Structure

Once you know where you are going and what you need to do, open your calendar and block TIME for those steps. If getting to the gym is your goal then you have to put that in your calendar.

Michelle the Artist

If you don’t put “it” in your calendar, “it” will never happen. Whatever your goal is, you have to take action and hold yourself to those time blocks. Because life happens, remember to give yourself some wiggle room, providing flexibility when necessary. I said MOVE, not delete, so come February when chocolates and shiny objects look more fun; you are not distracted from your goals.

Rally the Troops

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn said that we are the average of the five people we surround ourselves with the most. Choose your inner circle wisely so you have the right people to support your goals. We need heroes, peers and angels.

A few of my heroes, peers and angels.

A few of my heroes, peers and angels.

Heroes are people we look up to, want to emulate and sometimes chase.

Peers are people we roll up our sleeves and get into the trenches with.

Angels are the ones that remind us who we are, why we were put here on this planet, and that we were built to achieve our purpose even when the world is blowing up and we exclaim, “What the Hell was I thinking when I made this BHAG?!”

Get Your Ego out of the Way

The goal you set for yourself is most likely a stretch goal. Some people will not be able to keep up with you and that is okay. Stretch goals are naturally messy. Give yourself and others permission to be messy. You are going to screw up, fall down and piss yourself (and maybe others) off. You do not know all the answers. Be human, make a ton of mistakes, and persist forward. Let go of the weight of ego and take on the levity of a purpose-driven life.

Backspace | Delete | Copy & Insert

Revisit your goals regularly. Be open to being wrong or changing your course, but be careful. Resetting your sails toward the right goals is productive. Throwing in the towel is giving up on yourself. Potentially on your journey you will learn that your WHY is deeply flawed. Backspace and redirect.

Photo Credit: April Bennet Souls

Occasionally something does not work, or just needs to go. Quickly remove what does not work; especially emotional vampires and processes that are broken.
Backspace and delete.

Streamline your efforts where you can. Do more of what works and less of what does not. Backspace, copy and insert.

Push Yourself and Practice Self Care

Make Time for You

Hold yourself and others to task and take care of yourself. That means have a life: sleep, eat well, feed your soul, get out with your friends and laugh, make love, spend quality time with your family, sit still and just breath. You cannot push if you do not rest and give yourself a second to just be. All work and no play not only makes you dull, it is not a life worth living. The whole reason you are setting goals is to have a stellar life, which is not all about pushing forward. Most people give up because they forget that you do not quit when tired, you REST! You are not a human doing, you are a human being.

Shout Out the Good News and Celebrate

Don’t be stingy with your process, wins or failures. Say thank you and be grateful for ALL of it. If you do not take time to celebrate the lessons, wins and failures; it will be as if you have never truly lived. Life is not about the goal, it is about the journey. That is the real insanity of goal setting; you have to set a goal to have the experience. In the end, the results of your effort are really up to God, the Universe, or whatever entity you believe hangs the stars in the sky and makes your heart beat in your chest. The only thing we really have control over is our attitude and actions. Reaching our goals is a magical combination of effort, fate and luck.

My New Years HOPE for You

Happy New Year!!

Instead of hoping that you reach your goals this year, I will say; I hope you open your heart, mind and life up to a truly authentic experience and are receptive to luscious lessons that goal setting can bring. When you look back next year, I hope you will be able to say that you gave 2019 all you had. Leave nothing on the table and as a result in December 2019, you should be celebrating and living a life well lived, and the life that you desire.

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