Deborah’s Official Bio & Photo

GrowDeborah Bateman epitomizes achievement, determination and kindness, professionally and personally. Her career has seen her rise from teller to executive while never losing the grounded perspective and touch that makes her a valued friend and mentor. Committed to developing individuals around her and helping them reach personal and professional goals, Deborah speaks from the heart when relating her own life experiences to those who value her counsel.

“I coach and mentor, to really dig deep and find out who people are,” Bateman says. “Not who your parents wanted you to be, not who your friends think you should be. But really and truly who you are. To have that target design of knowing ourselves and our purpose is absolutely paramount. Too many people – men and women – are a result of being who someone else has asked them to be.”

Today, Deborah Bateman is President of Deborah Bateman LLC, a professional coaching and consulting organization, where she serves as a professional and certified leadership and executive coach.

Her diverse career has spanned more than 40 years, and includes both entrepreneurial and corporate leadership roles. Her career has included roles within large national financial services organizations, community banks, and as the President of The Bateman Group, a consulting firm which provided consulting and regulatory liaison services to financial organizations and their board of directors. Currently, Deborah serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for National Bank of Arizona.

An active member of the community, Deborah currently serves on numerous Board of Directors. Her commitment to and involvement in the community has garnered numerous recognition and awards.

Based on her expansive career, philanthropic leadership, and as the co-author of “Succeeding through Doubt, Fear, and Crisis,” and “HELP! I’m Moving Out On My Own,” Deborah is a frequent speaker at seminars, meetings, and conferences across the U.S.