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We all have stories. Sometimes, we create those stories, but other times, the stories are assigned to us by friends, family, and colleagues. Taking a travel mastermind allows you the opportunity to re-center and re-focus on yourself. When you own your story and create the narrative around it, your life becomes your own as well.

J’Lein & I (Deborah) have been taking trips together since 2012, going on a dozen different trips around the world. And our goal with these wisdom quests is to not only broaden our horizons through travel, but more so to facilitate transformation in those who attend and participate.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Everyone has a story. As women, we can find ourselves living out of the stories that others have assigned to us. That’s great if it’s working, but if it’s not, it can feel limited and confining.

Even stories that may have been accurate at one point in life may not be correct now. We grow as people throughout our life, but those stories don’t always shift with our growth. It’s important to consciously update those around us about how our stories have changed. They need to see us for who we are today, not who we were.

As women and leaders, it’s important to live the story that resonates with you, not the stories that are told about you. Or stories from the past. They can limit us in life relationships and in work.

Even when you find yourself in personal hardship, there is always a productive story you can tell yourself so you don’t fall into the abyss. That’s one benefit and characteristic of a Wisdom Quest.

Own Your Story through a Wisdom Quest

When you join us, Deborah Bateman and J’Lein Liese, Ph.D., on a Wisdom Quest, we are there to direct your travel mastermind experience. We have been doing these trips together since 2012 and have been to various locations around the world. Our goal is to bring a group of amazing women together who can create great feedback and support for each other. Through this time together, they build a new community and make new friends. Plus, since there is such diverse experience, these women, collectively, bring their wisdom and insight to the overall experience. There’s an amazing synergy, and we’re there to facilitate and guide.

When on a Wisdom Quest, the goal is to come back rested, rejuvenated, and ready to start a new chapter. Through the course of five days, you define, for yourself, who you are. You push out of your comfort zone. And if you’re experiencing life changes, such as kids moving out or heading into retirement, you learn to identify yourself and own your story in this new chapter.

Start with Why; End with a Clear Story

During the Wisdom Quest, the group spends one to two hours a day together working through our curriculum. One of the goals is to discover your “why” because, if you think you know what your why is, you just might not!! J’Lein is certified in the why process and will keep asking you “the next question,” pushing deeper each time. It’s important to identify your why, that deep-seated motivation, because it creates the joy and direction in your life!!

The why  process is pretty extraordinary. Many times, we actually tend to discover our “why” as a young child, commonly between the ages of eight and twelve. After some exploration of minutes, hours, or days, people start to remember that specific point when they said yes or no to something. Yes, that’s the way you wanted to be, or no, you never want someone else to experience that. That’s where our why can originate. The story is the icing on the cake.

Won’t you join us in Portugal this year to re-discover your why, own your story, and experience the transformation you’ve been craving?

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