Re-entry to “Real Life” back in Arizona

Tim & Deborah, at home here too

We are excited to be back home in Arizona after our 5+ months of travel over the summer!

After travelling together in our motor coach, BAM, for a few months, Deborah headed off to Portugal for her Wisdom Quest, and Tim spent a month with friends in BAM driving back to Phoenix. We are looking forward to our time home together in Arizona.

We are so grateful for the adventures we had this summer. Arriving home, there was some adjustments to be made. So, we decided to sit down and get our conversation on video to chronicle our time and what it’s been like reconnecting to reality… you might be surprised by some of the disconnects we’ve had already!

Are You Ready For This?

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. We’ll let you decide. Turns out that Tim enjoyed his month with the boys so much, he was almost unrecognizable!

Tim on his way back to Arizona

Deborah received this photo from Tim the morning of his return to Phoenix. His accompanying text was “are you ready for this?” Deborah thought she was… only to realize later…that she wasn’t!

Risk Blossoming- Chronicles of Coming Home to Arizona

We made this short video to share “in real time” our re-entry to life back at home.


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