Risk Blossoming – A Way of Life Part II


As we prepare to embark on our Risk Blossoming 2019 World Tour  (Tim leaves in less than a week with BAM!) we can’t help but feel grateful for the adventures that living a Risk Blossoming life has brought us.

Even as we prep for the adventure – crossing items off our to-do list, double checking reservations, connecting with people we are planning to see along the way, and wrapping up responsibilities in Phoenix – we can’t help but stop to remember the excitement we had after our first Risk Blossoming World Tour in 2017.

To encourage you to feel excitement for the adventures that await you this year and as a fun “flashback Friday,” we are “re-sharing” with you a post from this time last year where we couldn’t believe all the ways Risk Blossoming has affected our lives. It’s incredible to see how meaningful we continue to find these endeavors, we hope you will enjoy a little walk down memory lane with us as we prepare for a future of fun!

It’s been a year!!

Can you believe that it’s been a year since we announced our Risk Blossoming 2017 World Tour?

Last May we took off for 144-days in BAM, our Big A$$ Motorhome.

We lived life on the road in an RV.

We visited new places and locales.

We met new people.

We experienced an entirely different lifestyle with new and unique challenges.

We took the risk, and we blossomed!

(if you missed some of our adventures, you can go back and read about them here.)

And, life hasn’t been the same since.

So much has happened since we returned to Phoenix last November! We continue to aspire and evolve toward our “desired state” creating the life we want to live. We have gone from two houses and over 4,000 square feet to a 1,500-foot condo and a 400-foot motorcoach. We have purged for two years and donated so many of our personal belongings that our accountant just shook his head and said, “your excessive donations are likely to cause an audit!”

What else are you going to do with a lifetime collection of stuff that you really don’t need and your kids really don’t want?  Today, we are comfortably ensconced in a small high-rise condo with a wonderful view of the evolving Phoenix skyline.

Phoenix Skyline

Phoenix Skyline

We walk nightly to restaurants, cultural events, and museums and have a light rail stop one block away. We love our urban lifestyle but best of all, in a moment’s notice, we can lock it and leave in BAM to a more rural and sedate lifestyle on the road.

Phoenix at Night

Phoenix at Night

We are currently working on our new Risk Blossoming Website which will launch in June. It will include and chronicle our adventures as we continue to Explore, Discover, and Grow. It will also include Deborah’s personal growth and development offerings, including Coaching, Speaking and International Wisdom Quests, which are currently domiciled on her DeborahBateman.com website

But, until then …. here are a few quick updates.

Risk Blossoming Blog – Travel is Transformational

We will be staying connected throughout the summer, so please plan to follow us via Instagram and Facebook. The Risk Blossoming blog will be re-ignited for all of you that like to laugh at Tim’s adventures and perspectives.

Our Big Ass Motorhome ready to roll

BAM ready for the next Risk Blossoming Adventure

BAM motorhome remodel in process

“Spa” Treatment in-process

BAM has spent this winter at a couple of “spas” and is looking better than ever. Freightliner upgraded the air-ride suspension giving us a new ‘magic carpet ride’.

RV Renovators updated her electronics and technology, installed a new washer/dryer and dishwasher. New carpet, new storage areas, and new blinds rounded out the make-over.

We are now re-stocking her so she is prepared to launch us on this year’s adventure.

Adventures in the Great Northwest

We will be heading to Oregon where there are beautiful beaches, magical lakes, and majestic rivers. There, we look forward to blossoming with new experiences, fishing, and kayaking.

Newport Beach, Oregon

Newport Beach, Oregon

Then, on to Washington, the Cascades, the San Juan Islands and British Columbia.  Who knows what new and crazy things will present themselves to us.

Spontaneity and flexibility are key ingredients to our risk blossoming adventures.

We do know we will look, listen and learn with an open heart and mind.  Hopefully, once we reach Oregon, we will continually experience cool evenings and mild summer days until our descent back to Phoenix in September.

Wildflowers on Mount St. Helens. Washington

Mount St. Helens, Washington

We are ready to hit the road.  For us, travel is transformational and the adventures along the way create our opportunities to explore, discover, and grow.

Wisdom Quest Travel and Retreats

Deborah Bateman & J'Lein Liese

Deborah and J’Lein

Deborah is collaborating with Dr. J’Lein Liese of Lead With Conversations and will be hosting Wisdom Quests in 2019. Deborah and J’Lein are excited to share their new curriculum for “Owning Your Story,” during their Portugal 2019 Wisdom Quest.  Their Wisdom Quest curriculum is always powerful and enables participants to make meaningful and lasting changes in their life.

Sign up to receive information about future Wisdom Quests.

Helping Others Blossom

Deborah is thrilled with having more time to coach. Her passion is working with healthy, successful people who find themselves a bit stuck or simply want to make a change in their life. Whether amplifying a personal brand or defining and designing the life that you want to live,  Deborah is a “go-to” certified Hogan Coach. She will lead you through the process to clear the cobwebs in your mind, intellect, and heart. Her ability to inspire and motivate is truly a gift.

Live the Life You Deserve

So that’s it for now.  Risk Blossoming has become a way of life for us.  We look forward to sharing this year’s adventures with you,  and we want you to know how grateful we are for your connection, comments, and feedback. Thank you.

Risk Blossoming Jeep - Willy

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.   – Anais Nin

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