Risk Blossoming Adventure 2019: Ready… Set ….. GO!!!

Hitting the Road in BAM

Tim has worked hard to ensure that the itinerary and reservations for our Risk Blossoming Adventure 2019 were in place. And, then it was time to ensure that BAM, our vehicle and home for the next 4+ months, was packed, clean, and ready.

While we have experienced this before, this year feels different,  What lessons has the previous two years taught us, and what would be different this year?

BAM: Mechanically Sound and Adventure-ready

Tim is not only a great planner, but he seems to have an amazing insight into the female psyche. BAM was in the “shop” three different times this year,  having work completed on repairing or enhancing some mechanical issues.  However, Tim always seem to add a few work orders that he knew would please me. Or, it might have been his strategic positioning to keep me from going into a complete meltdown with the delivery of each “repair” invoice.

New Upholstered Dining Room Chairs

New Upholstered Dining Room Chairs

To last year’s enhancements, we have added a new, stainless, residential-sized refrigerator, reupholstered dining room chairs, reconditioned leather lounge chair, a new mattress for our bed, and new desk and work area. And that doesn’t even include the enhanced LED lighting and sound system!

BAM's New Refrigerator

BAM’s New Refrigerator

Our daughter calls the “lighting and sound” enhancements – “Tim Bateman-izing” because Tim has a history of making “light and sound” a priority with every new home that we have ever owned.

Tim calls it foreplay.

I might have to agree with him.

BAM: Packed and Ready to Go

In order to have BAM worked on at the Olstrom Custom Coach shop in Tucson, Arizona – we completely unpacked her. So once she was mechanically sound, we began the task of repacking.

If you’ve never packed an RV before, it might seem like a 40 foot rig has an endless supply of cupboards, shelves and closets for all your gear. However, once you start to load your stuff, I think you will find that space is at more of a premium than you’d imagined.

BAM's "Basement" Storage ready for adventure

BAM’s “Basement” Storage

We’ve learned a lot over the past two years, and it  was actually a great opportunity to repack and reassess what we had included before, what was used, and what, might now, be disposable. We took a reality approach and asked ourselves, “seriously – are we going to use this?” If we hadn’t used it during our two previous Risk Blossoming adventures – we purged it.

So that hand mixer that we had packed and brought along for the past two years – is now available at Goodwill. It and the rolling pin, pie tins, salad spinner, and several other household items!!!

With the installation of the new refrigerator, we had lost two drawers that had been positioned under the old refrigerator. But, even with the loss of that additional space, a bit a organization and “reality” purging, we are packed and ready to roll!!

Both Tim and I agree that this year we seem much more organized.

Less is More.

Organizing my 36" of Closet Space.

Organizing my 36″ of Closet Space.

My Clothes

I still experience “wardrobe separation anxiety” as I sort through my Phoenix closet and determine what clothes I want to bring on this adventure and hang on a three-foot closet rod in the Motorcoach. Again, experience is a valuable teacher.

First, if it needs to be dry cleaned, it gets left behind. Sounds easy, but this will be our first year of not bringing clothes that require dry cleaning. It’s a challenge finding a cleaners in the small towns we visit. And when we did find one the turnaround time was a week. And, we seldom stayed in any one location for that long.

Then there are the shoes! During our first year, I brought 36 pairs of shoes. Last year, I gave myself kudos for whittling my selection down to 24. This year I am at 12! And that includes my flip-flops, slippers, hiking boots, and golf shoes. I have become one of those sketcher-wearing senior citizens!! I love them, and I have them in a myriad of colors- blue, gray, black and my signature red. It’s all a part of trying new things and taking the risk to blossom!!!

Our Toys (required for adventure)

Even with all of the kitchen paraphernalia, clothes, toiletries, and camping gear, we still had room for our toys. Our Fishing poles and gear along with our golf clubs are packed, hiking boots, poles, and backpacks are ready, and our Yeti ice chests are ready for day trips and picnic lunches.

Tim has organized and packed his cameras, lenses, tripods and stabilizers for easy access, and my drone has been charged and is ready for flight. We have included our computers and printers and are excited about documenting this year’s adventure.

BAM – Clean and Organized

BAM: Clean and Beautiful - Inside and Out

BAM: Clean and Beautiful – Inside and Out

And BAM has been clean inside and out and she is sparkling and ready for the road. Tim and I took on the tasks of cleaning her on the inside. All the wood and paneling has been polished, countertops have been shined, carpet cleaned, floors scrubbed, and leather conditioned. When I walked into BAM this week, it felt good and she smelled clean!!

Finally, we had BAM washed professionally, by Andrus Auto Detail,  with ionized water. As we stood in the sun looking at BAM, packed and ready to roll, it was if though we could feel that she also felt wonderful about her condition and she was ready to be our vehicle and home for this year’s adventure.

Saying “See You Later” to Tim and BAM

This year already feels different!! I don’t know if it’s our experience and anticipation from the previous years, the excitement of this year’s amazing itinerary or a combination of both. But we are excited about being together, getting out, and exploring this beautiful country.

Hooking Up Willy to BAM

Hooking Up Willy to BAM

As I watched Tim hook Willy up to BAM for our adventure, I could feel my disappointment as I knew that I would not be joining them on this first leg. Leaving Phoenix, mid-day, Tim would drive to Flagstaff, where he would shop and stock our new refrigerator/freezer with reserves to take us through the small towns in Southern Utah. He would then proceed to Monument Valley where he will participate in two photography workshops, one at sunrise and the other, under the stars.

I was staying behind in Phoenix to fulfill some professional obligations and receive a “Most Admired Leaders” Award from the Phoenix Business Journal at a dinner on Thursday night.

On Saturday, I would join Tim in Monument Valley.

But, I want to save that story for another time!! But, here’s a hint ……..

Tim hitting the road for our 2019 adventure

Tim's farewell

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