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Many people don’t realize that Risk Blossoming is more than just our blog, which is published to inspire others to create the life of their dreams. Did you know that Risk Blossoming also offers transformational personal brand and leadership coaching, delivers memorable keynote speeches, and leads an annual international mastermind “Wisdom Quest” for women?

All of this combined drives my passion for leading others to be their best, to live their life to the fullest, and to always Risk Blossoming.

Risk Blossoming: A Calling

After a successful career in the financial services industry, I knew that I wanted to leverage my life experiences, wisdom, stories of self-discovery, and personal growth with my purpose and intention to support others to be their best.  

Somewhere on that journey, I heard a quote by Anais Nin that struck a chord. It was then I realized what I wanted to do: Work with others to help them discover, fall in love with, and own their “authentic self.”

risk blossoming quote

Still an Inspiration

I connected with the quote back then, and it still rings true to this day. It may seem trite to say that I had an epiphany. Many people do. It wasn’t until I turned 50 that I began to truly understand and accept who I was—who I had grown to become—and love myself unconditionally.

After that turning point in my life, I began to allow the bud—that is my potential as a coach and a mentor—to begin the process of becoming a flower. At first, I imagined I gave each petal permission to blossom.

I felt my hand break away from the tension and its tight grip on the bud. One by one I could feel them release. My “aha” was that the difference was within me.   Once I was able to release my insecurities and pent-up fears, my life changed. Ultimately, I had needed to give myself permission to risk blossoming. Today, I marvel as my beautiful life continues to unfold around me.

Living a Risk Blossoming Life

Today, my personal blossoming has created its own momentum. It’s as though the petals can no longer be tamed—like a wildflower field. The petals release themselves from their tight bud with abandon, spreading themselves wide to seek the sun. And today, my bud is beginning to look more and more like it’s in full bloom.

As I continue to blossom, there’s a quiet confidence and energy in my soul that won’t allow me to go back into the cocoon of a bud. That energy and confidence keep pushing me forward, causing me to become what I am supposed to be. They offer me inspiration, unwavering commitment, and a higher level of passion than I ever thought possible.

And I love that I have the opportunity to share this life and new-found energy in our blogs, my coaching, my public speaking engagements, and our international

Wisdom Quests.  All of these are based on the foundation of understanding who you are, embracing your inherent gifts, and being who you were meant to be.  


My coaching practice is aimed at inspiring others to embrace their authentic self and risk blossoming. My niche is transformational, personal branding, and leadership coaching. I challenge my clients to live the life they deserve. And I believe we all have that power within. Sometimes, though, we need support in learning how to believe in it, trust it, and let it guide us.

My role as a coach is to help my clients discover, recognize and leverage their strengths; acknowledge their weaknesses; and trust their inherent core values. And then own who they are and the difference they want to make in this world.

Each journey has many milestones, but all are organic and personalized as you progress.

As a certified Hogan Coach, I use the comprehensive Hogan assessment as the foundation of my coaching practice. This assessment enables me to provide a results-oriented approach by connecting the assessment results (strategic self-awareness) to your specific life goals.

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Speaking Engagements

Risk Blossoming with Deborah Bateman

Sharing my many “lessons learned” (and there are many) is a storyboard of my life with its ups and downs, victories and defeats. As a keynote speaker and storyteller, I share my experience of developing programs for some of the world’s leading global brands. I don’t just talk to the audience. I speak from my heart by sharing life stories and anecdotes from my life to provide an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience. All to inspire and empower the audience to create an extraordinary life of their own.

Most Requested

While I am constantly creating new content and customized presentations for my audiences, this year’s most requested presentations have been:

Creating the Life You Have Dreamed: This is the essence of Risk Blossoming. This presentation is filled with stories about the power of dreaming, visioning, and setting goals and intentions. And then strategically manifesting them into the foundation, infrastructure, and ultimately the realization of the life you want to live.

Amplifying and Leveraging Your Personal Brand: In this interactive discussion, I define and share the importance and value of creating your personal brand. Your personal brand will help to position you as the “go-to person” in your industry or your community and become synonymous with your gifts, niche, and differentiator! We discuss opportunities and examples of how to amplify and leverage your personal brand.

If you don’t brand yourself,


someone else will.


– Deborah Bateman

Wisdom Quests

International Wisdom Quest Facilitators, Deborah Bateman and J’Lein Liese, Ph.D.

Wisdom Quests are our international retreats in partnership with my talented and gifted Wisdom Quest partner, J’Lein Liese, Ph.D. These travel masterminds enable our participants to remove themselves from their day-to-day responsibilities and focus just on their mind, body, and spirit. I believe that our Wisdom Quests can be transformational. The experience opens doors, sharpens one’s self-awareness, and unlocks personal potential many didn’t even know existed in them.

Some of our previous excursions have taken us to Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, Bhutan, the Amalifi Coast in Italy, Machu Picchu, and Russia.

In September 2019, we will be embarking on a trip to the Douro Valley in Portugal to work together and leverage our collective wisdom to “Own Your Story.”

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risk blossoming in Nepal

Visiting the Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal


Looking forward to spring of 2020, we are excited to announce Wisdom Quest – Morocco 2020. Consider yourself personally invited on our next adventure to Explore. Discover. Grow.

risk blossoming in Kenya

Lunch at a Maasai Village. Maasai Mara, Kenya.


The Blossoming Continues

I live my life with the full intention of Risk Blossoming. Our Risk Blossoming tagline “Explore. Discover. Grow.” describes our values, my partnerships and relationships, and the business products and services of Risk Blossoming. My desire to continue to blossom, and to help others realize their potential, passion, and purpose, is real and tangible. For me, I see no end; it seems that the layers of the bloom are endless….

Explore. Discover. Grow.

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