Risk Blossoming – The Origin Story

Risk Blossoming Origin

“Each of us has two life stories. There is the one that we have lived up to this moment, and then there is the one that we have yet to live.”
-Deborah Bateman

Hello there! This is Deborah and things in my life are about to change dramatically. You’ll be hearing from both myself and my husband Tim as we set off on an escapade together that we’re calling “Risk Blossoming.” I wanted to share with you how this all got started and introduce Tim, as well, as we intend to chronicle our journey together on this blog.

Deborah & Tim BatemanMeet Tim & Deborah

We’re a happily married couple and truly grateful for the the abundant and blessed life we’ve lived so far. As “baby-boomers,” we are part of a generation that is recognized as the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation up to the era in which we’ve arrived. Like many of our generation, we acknowledge that we’ve been inspired with the hope and genuine expectation that the world will improve with time. As thriving “baby-boomers,” we’ve both been blessed with successful careers, wonderful homes, adventurous experiences, exotic vacations, loyal friends and an engaged, beautiful family.

With retirement on the horizon, discussion has ensued about what we want in this next chapter of our life. We talked, debated, envisioned and are now planning our next great adventure. With some anxiety, sprinkled with lots of excitement, we are about to step out of our “comfort zone” and begin, what we anticipate will be a transformational journey in BAM, our newly acquired motorhome.

Tim’s Story

The first time I saw Deborah I knew she was the one, even though she never laid eyes on me that night. Actually, she turned out to be not ONLY the one but number two also, as she not only married me once, but luckily for me, she said yes a second time. But, it was that first night, when in an instant, I saw her spirit and her spontaneous enthusiasm, that I was hooked for life.

motorhomesAt the time we met, I had just sold out my partnership in a 1973 Pace Arrow motorhome. Oh what fun it had provided, as three guys and occasional dates, piled into it for camping, skiing and genuine fun. Since then, I had always dreamed of a bigger, better one!!

Fast forward nearly 40 years to last summer. Deborah and I were driving home from a Seattle/Minnesota trip, and I blurted out, “let’s buy a motorhome!” With undeniable Deborah enthusiasm she replied “great, let’s do it.” A month later when I said “I found a motorhome, let’s go look at it, ” she replied “Great, let’s go!” After looking it over and kicking the tires I said “Let’s buy it!” and there was a long pause, gulp!

It’s one thing to dream the dream, but it’s a big step to live the dream.

But, the spirit of adventure prevailed and BOOM – BAM was ours. The motorhome immediately received the moniker “BAM,” which stands for Big Ass Motorhome . And, inspired by Deborah’s ever optimistic and entrepreneurial spirit, the idea to share our adventure with “Risk Blossoming” was born.

As we prepare for our first 6-month trip, I cannot believe how doing one thing that I have always dreamed about, has already lead me to start doing so many other new, wonderful things which I never even imagined doing!

Deborah’s Story

Deborah & Tim's Kauai WeddingI married Tim Bateman twice. The first time, I was wildly attracted to him and wanted to have a family with this kind, caring, loving, gentle man. So, we did. But time, daily pressures, career demands, and life carved a space between us, and after 25 years of marriage, we divorced, so I could continue to pursue my career in New York City.

I married him the second time ten years ago, at sunset on Poipu Beach, Kauai. With friends and family present, a gentle breeze blowing and whales breeching in the background, we exchanged forever, heartfelt promises. I married Tim the second time, because I had embraced my own authentic self and truly knew what “I” wanted. And, I wanted to live and share my life with this kind, caring, loving, gentle man who embodies so many of my own personal core values.

For me, the “dream” is not so much about the motorhome – although, I am very excited about this new adventure. I imagine the places we will visit, the things that we will experience, and the people that we will meet. But from my perspective, it’s really more about the journey itself. To prepare for this trip, I have purged, cleared and minimized the things we need in our daily lives. And, I have accepted that being on the road will be a huge departure from the comfortable life, routine, and “home” we have created in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is my hope that this journey will continue to free my vision and empower me to boldly step into this next chapter of my life. Away from the “home” we’ve lived in this past decade, I want to take the opportunity to explore the pieces of myself/ourselves that may have been set aside or left behind as we were consumed by our busy lives. I am fully aware that Tim and I are about to spend more time together, in a smaller space, than we have in our entire lives. And that’s okay too. I truly want and hope, for us, to discover the passion that will fuel us to live a bold and meaningful “next chapter.”

Risk Blossoming

In February this year, I was contacted by Michelle Micalizzi, a creative entrepreneur, who balances her business mind and creative skills as a Visual Journalist, Curator & Business Executor. Michelle invited me to be interviewed as one of the 2017 Fearlessly Deliver Thirteen.

Fearlessly Deliver Thirteen is an unprecedented and unique visual journalism project which celebrates the fearless entrepreneurial spirit and art.  This annual event highlights thirteen unique and fearless business leaders. Michelle then captures the spirit, motivation and lessons learned of each of her subjects in a painting. Each painting is accompanied by a story originally captured in the Fearless Blog that details what we might learn from this leader about being fearless. I am truly honored to be included in this project.

Read the full Fearlessly Deliver Article here.

Michelle titled the painting, resulting from her interview with me, “Risk Blossoming.”

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud
was more painful that the risk it took to blossom.”
– Anais Nin

Risk Blossoming

Michelle’s painting, her blog and video, and Anais Nin’s risk blossoming quote had an inspiring impact on both Tim and I. Together, we decided that we wanted to share our journey with friends and family, and the Risk Blossoming blog was conceived.

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

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