Risk Blossoming World Tour 2019


It’s been two years since Tim and I decided to re-brand Deborah Bateman LLC , become Risk Blossoming and start our “world tours”. In my opinion that decision was a pivotal moment, for both of us, for so many reasons. One being our core value of “living the life that you have dreamed.”

Live the Life you Dream

It has been a real awakening for me to find that many of the individuals I coached over the past several years were initially unable to share with me, and describe the life that they dreamed of. Most could tell me what they didn’t want, but weren’t prepared to share what they envisioned their ultimate life to be.

Even before Tim and I retired, we began to create the vision of our Risk Blossoming life. Step-by-step, we envisioned the architecture and framework for our life in retirement. We knew we wanted a life that would allow us to live a lifestyle of financial independence, with the ability to travel, and yet stay connected with friends and family. We wanted to continue to grow, learn, and share experiences with each other, our family and our friends.

Right-Sized in Phoenix

The transition has been a journey. We downsized, simplified our life, and sold our 2nd home in Seattle. We bought a high-rise “lock it and leave it” condo in downtown Phoenix and purchased BAM, our Big Ass Motorcoach. This was a redistribution of our assets, and ultimately did not require any additional capital investment. Finally, the framework was established to live the life we had dreamed of.

Explore. Discover. Grow.

Love the Opportunities to Explore on the Backroads

During the past two years, we’ve also learned a lot about ourselves. We learned that Tim is a creative and humorous writer. We learned that his photographs of the landscapes we visit inspire others to make plans to “go and see.”

I learned that I am an explorer. That I love touring the countryside, and I love getting off-road in our jeep, Willy, and exploring the unpaved back roads. I learned that I am in awe of this big, beautiful world.

“Owning Your Story”

And, we both learned that it doesn’t matter what we had done in our lives before we decided to live the life that we dreamed of. What matters most is that we have chosen to plan and create a life where we can truly live our dream.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.
~ Carl Jung

Often, an individual will dwell too long in the past and let events of the past shape their future. Tim and I are very aware that we are not what we have done or what has happened to us. We are proactively and intentionally creating and designing our new lives.

Continuing to Risk Blossoming

Watch out World!! Deborah is piloting a DRONE!!

And we’ve learned that risk blossoming life is not a destination, it is a continuous, never-ending journey (tour?). And, on this journey, we will continue to evolve. Evolution can mean change – and we are preparing for and welcoming the changes.

Tim bought me a drone for my birthday.

Yes. A drone. Really.

So drone lessons and video lessons are on our calendars. It is our vision to enhance our blogs and social media posts with more videos including some drone videos and photographs. And we are super excited about our Risk Blossoming World Tour 2019 itinerary and the adventures that lay ahead.

Risk Blossoming World Tour 2019

Tim has finalized our reservations. BAM’s 40’ Length imposes some restrictions on where we can park, and we’ve learned that we prefer the Motorcoach Resorts. Many of these. resorts have pull-through spots and all are complete with water, power, and sewage. Some people call it “Glamping.” I call it “required” and “civilized.”

Tim started making reservations and perfecting our tour route in January. We try to never travel more than 200 miles in day. Tim’s idea of a great travel day is to get up, enjoy the morning, relax, have coffee, then breakfast and take off about 10 AM. After traveling for a couple of hours, he likes to stop for lunch and rest, and then travel on to our destination for the night, with the intent to be hooked up to our utilities, our Direct TV Dish up and connected, by 5:00 PM, so we can relax and have a cocktail! (It’s all part of the the dream)

August? No better place to be than the Oregon Coast!!

This year, our tour route will take us to longer term stays (4-7 days), including but not limited to:

  • Monument Valley
  • Moab, Utah
  • McCall, Idaho
  • Leavenworth, Washington
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Lake Louise, Canada
  • Several Oregon Coastal Locations

Portugal and it’s wines!!

In September, I will head to the Douro Valley in Portugal to meet up, tour, and mastermind with eleven incredible women to work collectively on our “Owning Your Story” curriculum and checking out the local Portugal wineries during Risk Blossoming’s Wisdom Quest – Portugal 2019.

Then, in November, Tim and I will head to New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii.


BAM: Cocktails for Six,


Dinner for Four, Sleeps Two


– Tim Bateman

As our departure date gets closer, we are making sure that BAM is road ready. She has been serviced and primed and is almost ready for the road. We have had work done to insure that our air leveling system was fixed, had the rear camera replaced, and changed the interior lights to LED. We upgraded the propane/electric refrigerator with a full size residential refrigerator and had our dining room chairs reupholstered. She’s looking good and over the next two weeks, we will begin to pack her with supplies and our clothes.

New additions this year will be the drone and our fishing poles!! And, then, just before we are ready to take off on our tour, Tim will have BAM detailed and washed with de-ionized water – which always leaves her shining and looking beautiful!!!


We are both excited on what is ahead of us. It’s going to be a great summer. We would be delighted to have you follow our tour & adventures as we continue our Risk Blossoming journey. Explore. Discover. Grow.

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