Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies – Deborah Bateman

Looking for a keynote speech on leadership, personal branding, mentoring and coaching, women in business, financial literacy or personal transformation? Deborah has spoken to dozens of audiences and is a frequent stage presence at events and galas.

A Speaker Who Inspires, Motivates and Ignites Action

With each topic, Deborah brings her passion, experience and knowledge to inspire others to seek their truth, open their hearts and experience the power life brings authentically feeling gratitude from the soul.

“Your wonderful speech was truly ‘powerful,’ as you spoke from your heart. I’ve listened to hundreds of event speeches and yours is one of the best, touching us all. Bravo!!
Andrew Lisac, Regional Executive Officer at Playworks, Inc.

Why Book Deborah?

Deborah Bateman has been the keynote speaker and developer and presenter of development programs for leading global brands. She doesn’t just “speak,” she speaks from the heart. Deborah develops and delivers a custom, motivational experience that engages audiences who can experience both laughter and tears. She shares life stories and anecdotes from her work to weave a truly one-of-a-kind experience that empowers audiences to create an extraordinary life.

Deborah is the surefire choice for audiences in all industries because her work focuses on what makes us all human: our incredible potential in life and business and the obstacles that stop us from reaching it.

Deborah's Keynotes

Creating Your Celebrity

This inspiring and motivational presentation describes the journey to strategically design your own personal brand, amplify your reputation and value, and create your celebrity.

This keynote is targeted to an audience who desires to:

  • take themselves and their business to a new level
  • go from searching for clients to having clients seek them out, and
  • be the “go-to” person in their industry

Deborah delivers the inextricably intertwined key elements that are integral to strategically creating and amplifying your personal brand, while sharing her own story of self-discovery, reinvention, and success.

Her process of “Creating Your Celebrity” will inspire you to define your authentic self, showcase what differentiates you, share the unique and differentiated added-value you provide, and emotionally connect and engage with your intended audience and potential clients.

Duration: 45 minute Presentation / 15 minutes Question and Answer

"As a motivational speaker, Deborah really nails it. Her stories inspire and uplift while making you want to get off your feet and DANCE! Her engaging style keeps the audience tuned in for what she'll say next."

Nicole Bandes

Risk Blossoming / A story of taking the RISKS to align your Life with your Dreams

What happens when you take a risk to leave behind your home, your job, your possessions and take off in a 40 foot Motorcoach to “see the world?”

In this entertaining and candid presentation, Deborah shares, with her own authenticity and humor, what happened to her.

She’ll share:

  • what she gave up and let-go,
  • what she modified,
  • what she gained in the process, and
  • how “Risk Blossoming” has become a way of life for her and her husband, Tim.

“there came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom.”
- Anais Nin 

Duration:  45 minute Presentation / 15 minutes Questions and Answers

Travel is Transformational

Allow Deborah to share with you how a girlfriend’s trip to witness the Wildebeest migration in the Maasi Mara in Kenya transformed her life, and why she now offers annual “Wisdom Quests” in partnership with Dr. J’Lien Liese to help change their traveler’s lives.

Travel in any form, whether you’re relaxing on a beach in Hawaii,  trekking for silverback gorillas in the Impenetrable Jungle in Uganda, experiencing the architectural ruins of Machu Picchu, or just taking a business trip to Chicago, can be meaningful. Most everyone will agree that ravel has the power to transform - no matter where you go and for how long

So how does that differ from transformational travel? When it comes to deliberate transformational travel, it’s not only about where you go and with whom, it’s also about tapping into the potential, for that trip, to impact you in a positive way and that you can use going forward in your daily life.

The process of transformational travel is about doing something when you travel that opens your mind in a way that resists closing back up again once you’re home and back into your daily routine. It’s one thing to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, but it’s another thing entirely to then use that experience to learn and grow as a person and apply what you’ve learned or how your worldview has shifted to your life going forward.

Other customized or special purpose presentations:

  • The Evolution of Women in the Workplace
  • Financial Literacy for your Family
  • Minimalism as a tool to finding freedom

Deborah has spoken at events for

American Cancer Society
Arthritis Foundation
Association for Financial Professionals Arizona
Conscious Connections
Central Phoenix Women
Chamber of Commerce
Charter 100 AZ
eWomen Network
Platform Scottsdale
Fiesta Bowl Parade
Fresh Start Women
Go Red for Women
Mentoring Monday
Positively Powerful
Project Central
Sisterhood Of Happiness
The Foundation for Living Medicine
The Sisterhood Extravaganza
Valley Leadership
Women's Financial Group