Getting to Know Tim Bateman


This week we start with Deborah’s perspective…

Little did I realize when we started this adventure and blog that I’d soon just be offering perspectives after Tim was done telling the story. I’ve always known him to be a natural storyteller and hilariously entertaining, but that’s now something everyone else is getting to know about him.

But, there’s probably a few more things you don’t already know about the voice of the blog, captain of the motorhome and my husband, so I’m talking this opportunity to help you get to know him better.

It’s Really Tim’s Fault

And another thing you should know, he’s pretty much to blame for launching the big idea of getting a motorhome and heading out on the road. Maybe it was that nostalgia got the better of him the day he suggested it, but it sounded like and adventure to me and we went for it.


Motor homes

Without further introduction, let me introduce you to Tim Bateman.

Getting to Know Tim

Tim Bateman

Tim is a Nebraska boy who came to Arizona to play golf at Arizona State University. In between holes, he had a camera in hand, which led to a degree in photojournalism from what is now the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. He practiced the journalism component as the editor of the State Press during college. His love of photography and writing allowed Tim to have a full, joyous career in commercial printing.

Along the way, Tim fed his passion of golfing. He has won numerous local and state golf championships and has had the privilege to golf at many of the ancient and historical courses in Ireland, Scotland and England. He has shot his age many times and loves competing, especially excelling against the senior competition. He is an active member of the Phoenix Country Club.

When it comes to Deborah, Tim knew she was the one from the very first time he saw her. Actually, she turned out to be not ONLY the one but number two also, as she not only married Tim once, but luckily for him, she said yes a second time! But, it was that first night, when in an instant, he saw her spirit and her spontaneous enthusiasm, that he was hooked for life..

Tim & his buddies from way back when.

Tim and Deborah are the proud parents of a daughter who has enriched their lives with two grandchildren.

Tim still feels like he is living a dream as he lives the Risk Blossoming life travelling around in BAM with Deborah visiting friends, family, and new sites. In fact, Tim had planted the seeds for this adventure 40+ years prior when he went in on a partnership to own a 1973 Pace Arrow motorhome- one he and his friends piled into for camping, skiing, and genuine fun.

Easy Street Coffee and Tea, Port Angeles, WA

Tim cannot believe how travelling around in BAM, one thing he has always dreamed about, has already lead him and Deborah to start doing so many other new, wonderful things which they never even imagined doing!

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