Wisdom Quest – Travel Mastermind

Registration for Portugal in September 2019 is NOW OPEN

Wisdom Quest

Join Deborah & J'Lein on a journey that might forever change your life.

Wisdom Quests are travel masterminds that allow participants to remove themselves from their day-to-day responsibilities to focus on themselves and their personal growth. Unlike anything most people have experienced, a Wisdom Quest opens doors you not only didn’t know were closed, but probably didn’t even know were present in your life.

Some of our previous excursions have taken us to previously visited Kenya, Nepal, Bhutan, Italy, Machu Picchu, and Russia.

We invite you to explore the world and yourself on our next Wisdom Quest.

Wisdom Quest Porto and the Douro Valley, Portugal, September 17-21, 2019

“These women have become dear friends which I never expected and am so very grateful to have this as the ongoing outcome of what was truly a fabulous experience. The memories will live on, but more importantly the friends I made are now a critical piece of the fabric of my life.”
MaryAnn Guerra, CEO – BioAccel

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